SONG PREMIERE: The Cody Sisters Band Shine With Feel-Good Bluegrass Tune “Umbrella”

The Cody Sisters Band is the very heart of contemporary acoustic music in Colorado. At just 15 and 13, their warm harmonies and award winning instrumentation will grip your soul and make it dance. Along with their bass player Steve (Dad), Megan (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Madeleine (guitar, banjo, vocals) have found the road to musical heights with original songs that are both exciting and heart warming.

They have found their passion in creating new music with their award winning instrumentation, their stunningly emotional original lyrics, and their beautiful sister harmonies. Seeing them is quite an experience, they fuse many different influences and genres, it’s often difficult to define them. The experience blends Americana, Gypsy Jazz, Folk, and Modern Bluegrass together in a completely unique way creating a Modern Americana sound. With strong ties to traditional American acoustic music, they are gearing up to release their sophomore album White on The Blue (August 31, 2018).

Today Glide is offering an exclusive premiere of “Umbrella”, a clear standout on the new album. The song is proof that age hardly matters in the case of The Cody Sisters, who demonstrate not just instrumental prowess, but a gift for beautiful harmonies and a skill as songwriters. Instrumentally the song sticks to straightforward bluegrass, complete with some fine guitar solo work from Madeleine and a sharp little solo from Megan at the tail end. Lyrically and vocally, the song carries a pop and Americana feel that makes it catchy and palatable to listeners outside the traditional bluegrass realm, signaling that The Cody Sisters are not afraid to take a fresh approach to their craft. 


White on the Blue is out on August 31. For more info visit The Cody Sisters on Facebook

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