Sum 41: Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN 3/30/13

Following a disappointing cancellation during the 2010 Vans Warmed Tour stop in Minnesota, Sum 41 had finally found its way back to The North Star State, performing at Mill City Nights amidst an ongoing tour to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their 2012 album Does This Look Infected?

Mill City was warmed up by two bands from Ontario Canada: Hunter Valentine, an all girl alternative rock band, which was later followed by Hollerado. The crowd ignited with energy and excitement when large red letters spelling Sum 41 appeared behind the stage, which transformed into a mesmerizing chant of “Sum 41”. Front man, Dyeryck Whibley entered and held up a plastic meat cleaver above his spiky red hair and yelled “Here’s Johnny!” Seconds later, lead guitarist Tom Thacker started the intro for “The Hell Song,” as the enthusiasm could be felt and heard throughout the venue.

A few songs into the set, Whibley asked the crowd if anyone would like to come on stage and approximately ten lucky fans were selected and were able to watch the remainder of the show from stage right. The lucky few made themselves at home on the stage, while the band continued to play favorites from Does This Look Infected?, including “No Brains,” “Over My Head,” and “A.N.I.C,” before concluding with the hit “Still Waiting.”

As Sum 41 came back to perform an encore set, Whilbley was now sporting a Captain’s hat and went into a rendition of two covers: “We Will Rock You” followed by “Sabotage.” The audience was taken aback by the unexpected covers, yet seemed to enjoy the change up. When the beginning guitar line started for “Fat Lip”, the crowd lit it up large.  As the show was coming to a close, Sum 41 couldn’t go without doing “Pain for Pleasure”as drummer, Stevo32, got out from behind the drum kit once more to do the lead vocals and was replaced by a man in a beer bottle suit at the drum kit.  People may assume that Sum 41 are a bunch of last decade "has-beens," but after checking em out here in ’13, Sum 41 still kill it on stage.

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