The Most Stunning Pixie Cut Styles for Any Taste

When you google on the internet, “the best pixie cut hairstyles,” you will get different types. However, it takes more than knowing different pixies to choose the best one for you. A pixie haircut can be vibrant and asymmetrical or extended at the front with a long top, choppy, shaggy, feathery, etc.

If all these different styles confuse you and you don’t know where to start, we have come for your aid. We have assembled the trendiest and easy to style pixie cut styles that you can consider. You will no doubt find one style suitable for you. Take a peek below. 

Ash Blond Pixie Haircut and Layers.

Messy layers and face-framing fridge with warm blonde are an excellent way to refresh your standard pixie.

Extended Bangs and Short Sides.

Extended bangs, shorter sides, and shiny brown hair shade are the main elements of this hairstyle that gives it a feminine look.

Rosewood Tapered Pixie.

This is an excellent haircut for the lovers of tapered pixie cuts. It is a bold style. The hair in front is kept more extended, and the bangs are flattering, specifically for ladies with round-shaped faces.

Choppy Platinum Pixie.

We know that platinum pixie is the talk of the town right now, but when you throw in some choppy layers, it appears even more relaxed. It is suitable for ladies with thick hair. It is kept long at the crown, and the beautifully styled front fridge gives an excellent frame to your face.

Extended Pixie and Bangs.

This is the right haircut, see more on Pinterest, for you if you need a pixie that is longer compared to any other pixie style. It has extended layered side-swept pieces that make it effortless to create for any lady. 

Long Wavy Layers.

This hairstyle incorporates extended, wavy layers in golden blond hues. It is the best haircut for the ladies who like a tapered pixie cut, and those with wavy or curly hair type.

Honey Blonde Bob.

Opt for this look with razored layers and cool blonde shade. By the way, the style is half-shaved while the remaining side is left buzzed and dark.

Asymmetrical Silver Bob.

This silver pixie incorporates an extended side-swept fringe on one side, which gives it a sleek and asymmetrical appearance. The two colours contrast with each other and make this style pop.

Pastel Purple Pixie.

If you like the pop of shades, a choppy pixie cut accentuated with pastel purple will be an excellent option for you. The extended fringe frames your face beautifully and makes it edgy, while the shades incorporate a modern touch and sophistication.

Dirty Blonde Pixie Bob.

Opt for this stacked haircut with extended piece-y layers. Include highlights, and you will rock a beautiful and easy-to-maintain haircut that will take places.

Long Layered Pixie.

The extended dark brown hairstyle with sleek highlights will likely appear unique thanks to its bold shade and fresh shaggy styling.

Chin Length Pixie.

Ridiculously extended layers are always beautiful, and when they are styled rugged, the style appears even more amazing. This style is suitable for ladies with fine and thick strands alike.

Blonde Highlighted Pixie Bob.

The relaxed layers and bronde highlights of this hairstyle make it appear soft, while the side parting and the extended frontal pieces give it a flattering look especially for ladies with the round face shape.

White Blonde Waves.

This pixie cut features choppy white-blonde layers and hard texture. It is a sure haircut to turn heads. It is also an easy way to grow out a pixie style.

Silver Long Pixie.

These bluntly chopped layers in silver shade give you a fantastic texture that only requires a beautifully tapered shape to finish this great look.

Straight Shaved Pixie.

This pixie haircut incorporates extended feathery layers swept towards the ear, which is purposely done to accentuate your best facial features. The other side of the ear is shaved, creating a bold contrast of both sides.

Gray And Brown Extended Pixie.

If you like to stay unique, without a doubt, you need to choose a unique style. This gray and brown layered pixie might be what you need for your next look. It is trending right now.


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