SONG PREMIERE: AC Sapphire Spreads Majestic Ethereal Folk On ‘Thrift Store Score”

The Mojave is a desolate dreamscape, a vista of mind-bending scenery that seems to transform with every sand-swept step. There’s something exquisitely wild about it, tinged with a hint of danger. On the surface it can appear sparse—even foreboding—but a deeper examination proves it teaming with all the tragedy and transcendence of life.

The same can be said for the music of longtime desert denizen AC Sapphire. It has the same surreal qualities, the same sense of constant metamorphosis, the same expansiveness and emotional evocation, the same sense of wonder and revelation, and the same wild and perilous spirit. Her cosmic sound blends disparate elements into an ethereal folk-rock while her strong voice shakes listeners awake as she spins her passionate, dust-blasted tales. All these qualities can be heard on her forthcoming album Desert Car.

Sapphire feels strongly about championing women in the music industry. She has volunteered as a vocal coach for the Portland Rock & Roll Camp for Girls and plans to raise money for the organization throughout her tour.

Glide is proud to premiere AC Sapphire’s majestic new single “Thrift Store Score” (below). This deep song speaks to the nature of externalizing some sense of happiness with a desire to score a killer deal, to let the world make sense for a moment, cash in on karma, be in the right place at the right time. Sapphire has a powerful voice and displays deep range and zealous vocal control that calls to the likes of Cat Power and Lydia Loveless. Across the vast musical landscape here she also is on a valuable mission of spreading the message of social injustice and inequality. Read more below about her mission…

Check out Sapphire’s take and inspiration behind “Thrift Store Score”

Thrifting is somewhat of an addiction. In a sense, this song is about trying to fill the human void with a moment of bliss when you score big at the thrift store. Finding a dream jacket with a pink tag marked 7.99 on half off pink tag day. I wrote this song about longing and attachment.  As an artist putting content into the world I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the state of racial inequality in America,  and that I feel a responsibility as an artist with a white body to be conscious as I release music into the public. This song’s content is not focused on Racial Inequality at all, It rather serves as an escape from reality…. However, I want my art to engage in the conversation of how we can make this world a safe and equitable place for BIPOC people! I will be donating 50%of sales of this single as well as 50% of the sales from my album “Desert Car,” out on January 18th to The Prison Reform Initiative non profit, which is raising awareness of these injustices in our corrupt criminal “justice” system. The other 50% will be donated to the Water protector legal collective, who give legal support to indiginous water protectors and activists who are fighting for all of us to have clean water. I will be donating all sales for 3 months after this release. This song was brought to life with Harlan Steinberger at Hen House Studios, Micah Nelson, Aka Particle kid.  Aroyn Davis and Paul Allen. I am forever grateful.

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