LISTEN: French Songstress Soleil Bleu Transcends Language On Slinky “La Navire”

Sink into the enchanting new single “La Navire” from French songstress Soleil Bleu. Captivating vocal tone slinks through the track, colored with restrained and reverberated guitar as harmonic vocals blend with ease. Bleu is riveting in essence, as she transcends language and time, creating a nonlinear and blatantly stunning indie-pop jewel. “La Navire” is a sultry and expressive pop number, blending atmospheric shading with modern tonal flair.

Far from the original demos, this time being in the studio helped to sublimate Lou & Arthur’s compositions by bringing a new dimension to the arrangements. The alchemy between Maxime Kosinetz and Soleil Bleu quickly worked, and the result is a fresco of little stories, paintings, feelings that takes shape through a bewitching and sensually pop French song with light electro accents.

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