SONG PREMIERE: Enigmatic Artist Sven Wunder Delivers Worldly Instrumental Grooves Via “Prussian Blue”

Eclectic DJs dedicate endless hours digging through the crates: it’s a flick of the hand that involves passing one obscure dusty vinyl cover to the next. When a promising jewel appears, out comes the sleeve and a quality check on the vinyle ensues: just looking to find that distinct rare nugget of sound that will make or break a future spinning session. Count Swedish artist composer Sven Wunder’s latest compositions in that dignified category. 

Wunder’s two sought after releases from 2020 mystified ears with obscure ’60s/’70s instrumentals, making for an ideal sensory display. Radiating with the eclectic soulful charm of the Daptone label yet congenially groovy; Wunder and his bag of wondrous musical charms might not fly under the radar much longer.

The latest track from his upcoming album Natura Morta (out June 11 via Piano Piano Records), “Prussian Blue” refers to the pigment that was imported to Japan often used for woodcuts and is built on Sven’s “Shinrinyoku from last year’s Wabi Sabi. 

Glide is premiering the uncompromising “Prussian Blue” (below) that dazzles with its cinematographic scope that’s part Spaghetti Western meets Tarantino soundtrack. Wunder hits on ally cylinders created a wild scope of sounds that radiates a campy warmth yet remains deliberately peculiar. 

Photo by John Henriksson

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