VIDEO PREMIERE: Dallas Burrow Delivers Soaring Country Ballad with “Country Girl”

Dallas Burrow has always been an adventurer. Born and raised in Texas, he cut his teeth on the road, traveling across much of the free world with a head full of songs and a thirst for thrills. Along the way — somewhere between the childhood guitar lessons he received from his father (a blood brother of Townes Van Zandt and friend of Guy Clark) and the vagabond whirlwind of his 20s — he built his own brand of American roots music. It was a sound rooted in folk, shaped by classic country, and heavily influenced by the Texan craftsmen who’d come before him. Decades after his father raised hell with Lone Star State legends, Dallas Burrow proudly picked up the torch, carrying Texas’ songwriting tradition forward with albums like Southern Wind.

Burrow returns home — physically, symbolically, and musically — with the self-titled Dallas Burrow. His first album written and recorded in the wake of his newly found sobriety, Dallas Burrow finds the songwriter embracing the stability of fatherhood and family life. It’s a collection of songs about maturing and finding one’s path, recorded to two-inch analog tape by producer Bruce Robison and shot through with the rich storytelling, organic Texas twang, and authentic Americana that have all become Burrow’s sonic signature.

Dallas Burrow arrives on the heels of 2019’s Southern Wind, whose songs found Burrow taking one last look at his days as a hard-living, Jack Kerouac-worthy nomad. Recorded in Nashville, the debut album was a career-boosting hit on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching Number 25 on the UK Americana Chart and Number 4 on the US Alt-Country chart. Burrow supported its release by hitting the highway, playing shows to the largest audiences of his life. While touring across the southwest with longtime friend Charley Crockett, he met Bruce Robison, one of the modern-day legends of Texas’ music scene. Months later, Burrow headed to Robison’s studio in the Texas countryside, where they recorded Dallas Burrow in a series of live performances.

If Southern Wind was an album about closing a chaotic chapter of one’s past, then Dallas Burrow is a celebration of fresh starts and new beginnings. Burrow isn’t cheating death anymore. Instead, he’s rediscovering a new way to live, with this self-titled album serving as the soundtrack.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the new video for “Country Girl,” the standout opening track of the new album. Mixing a modern Americana sensibility with a classic country twang, Burrow definitely shows his reverence for the past alongside his dedication to bringing something new to the world of country music. What makes this track especially interesting is the way Burrow incorporates a celtic melody into the music, injecting a more folksy touch into this stirring ballad. 

Burrow describes the inspiration behind the song:

“A soaring ballad set to a celtic melody, Country Girl is the story of one man’s love for the woman who holds his heart and the natural high that comes with it. Each season of the year and each passing day he finds a new reason to fall in love with her all over again. When I was writing this song, it started with the guitar part, which winds around in this kind of interesting way. As the lyrics began to pour out, each verse about a different season, it felt like the lines and the words themselves fell together like a puzzle, almost writing themselves, which is always exciting, because you never know where exactly it’s going, and when it landed the way it did, with the line ’I love my country girl in all four seasons, on different days for different reasons,’ I felt like I had really stumbled on to something special. When I was playing songs for Bruce in preproduction, this was one of the first tunes he really seemed to gravitate toward. It was the fourth and final song we tracked on our first full day of recording, so we were all pretty warmed up. When we were listening back, Bruce looked at me and asked ‘have you ever recorded this one before?’ I felt like he thought we had caught something cool.”



Photo credit: Ryan Vestil

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