LISTEN: Lazuli Vane Explores Danceable Psych Pop Via ‘What I Needed Most’

Lazuli Vane is the solo project and alter ego of multi-faceted Patrick Taylor, formerly of indie rock band Trash Panda. The project is an outlet for exploring themes of personal transformation within an experimental retro-psych-pop recording context. 

An ephemeral ride through space, “What I Needed Most” is the latest from Vane. A pulsing intro gives us a glimpse of what’s ahead as a world of tonal color and psychedelia give way to the grounding calm of Taylor’s desert narrative and pin point inflection.

“What I Needed Most” tells the story of a life-changing journey I took into the desert during the summer of 2020. I left my life in Atlanta and spent weeks alone on the road and camping in canyons, on prairies, in the mountains, exploring deserts and myself, before relocating permanently to Florida in November. The song follows that arc and attempts to express the more joyous, fun, grandiose side of the journey.”

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