SONG PREMIERE: El Perro (Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow) Blazes Heady Mix of Funk, Soul and Psych-rock on “Breaking Free”

Photo courtesy of Alive Naturalsound

El Perro is a brand new band led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow. Beside Griggs, El Perro also includes former Radio Moscow drummer Lonnie Blanton, bassist Shawn Davis, guitarist Jaron Yancey, and percussionist Tawny Harrington. The sound contains elements that fans of Radio Moscow will recognize, but this is rock music with a new, fresh spin and feel. The band’s debut album, Hair Of El Perro (due out this spring via Alive Naturalsound Records), takes heavy psychedelic rock as a starting point but jams into more syncopated territory, spicing its sound with Latin rhythms and hints of Funkadelic-style grooves. You could say that El Perro plays psychedelic funk rock, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the new track “Breaking Fee.” Mixing thick 70s funk guitar with Daptone-level soul grooves and ferocious, serrated vocals, the song encapsulates the vision of Griggs and El Perro. The heady combination of psych-rock, funk, Latin rock, and soul come together in one blistering wave of shredding. Indeed, this may be a new direction for the Radio Moscow musician, but it is still 100% cranked guitar rock at the core. It also carries a message most of us can relate to.

Parker Griggs describes the inspiration behind the tune:

“’Breaking Free’ has a pretty simple message that most people could relate to. Finally breaking away from the toxic situations that are bad for your life… a very hard thing to do, but in the end worth it for yourself and your sanity if things aren’t right.”


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