SONG PREMIERE: Michael Beharie Shares Sprawling Folk-rock Tune “For Days”

Photo credit: Lauryn Siegel

Michael Beharie is a musician based in New York City. His music sits at the imagined intersection between sound system culture, pop transmission and free improvisation.

In addition to a string of solo releases on Astro Nautico and performances with avant-chamber band Zs, Michael most recently released a collaboration with cellist Teddy Rankin-Parker called ‘A Heart From Your Shadow’.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “For Days,” a new track from Michael’s current album ‘Promise,’ which is being performed with a live band including Gerg Fox, Grey McMurray and Jason McMahon. The big-hearted and dreamy rocker washes over the listener in a psychedelic haze. The melange of instruments adds a lushness to the track, making for a sprawling work of folk-rock that culminates in some truly impressive, almost proggy guitar jamming.

Michael shares his thoughts on the inspiration behind the song:

Most of the songs on ‘Promise’ are shamelessly romantic and I wanted to set that lyrical energy in a bed of organic sound. The arrangements are guided by guitars and other plucked string instruments like autoharps and charangos. Other than the dense ‘Ghost’, ‘For Days’ and ‘August’, most of the songs are ballads and were very influenced by my memory of hearing folk recordings as a kid.


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