LISTEN: Dead Nettle Fashions Dynamic Guitar Folk On “Undertow”

Lindsey Wall, under the moniker “Dead Nettle,” is releasing her debut album, How I thought, with the first single, “Undertow” out on April 1st. In this collection of songs, she explores relationships and life through intuitive and metaphorical writing. This song was written, looking out on the ocean while pondering a deeper connection, and trying to understand its purpose. Joining forces with her producer JD Tiner, this creative collaboration aimed to keep the essence of the emotionally driven song in the amalgamation of fierce folk, indie rock songs that it became.

The latest release from Dead Nettle, “Undertow”, is an expressive, mid-tempo folk-rocker that is both tender and defiant. A spot-on musical representation of what it is to find strength and independence in your most vulnerable moments, Wall delivers effortless and determined vocals over the song’s dynamic ebbs and flows between soft acoustic guitar-backed folk to anthemic, tremolo drenched choruses. 

“Undertow was written amongst many things burning… My hometown and a relationship that I was trying to understand the meaning of. And in that moment, not only that relationship but relationships in general and how I relate to them. I had escaped the smoke and the chaos to be alone in the mountains. I was sitting, looking out over a lake, and trying to understand the ebbs and flows of this feeling, and this constant and burning desire I have to be independent. Coming to terms with some of that desire stemming from my own fear. The song is me processing this idea,” says Wall.

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