Everyone Orchestra Delivers Improvisational Magic in Portland, Oregon (SHOW RECAP/PHOTOS)

For 20 years, Matt Butler has been exploring the spirit of improvisation with the help of talented musicians through his Everyone Orchestra project. Carefully curating each lineup, Butler serves as the alchemist for exploratory jams that keep both fans and musicians on their toes. Each performance is unique and spontaneous. With his notebook, hand motions, and facial expressions, he helps shape the development of each song, while never knowing exactly where it will end up.

On Saturday, April 16th, Everyone Orchestra took the stage at Portland, Oregon’s newest music lover’s utopia, The Get Down. This episode’s cast of musical characters consisted mostly of local and regional singers and musicians lending their musical talents to create two sets of completely improvised music. The list of musicians included Asher Fulero, Christopher Worth, Dan Schwindt, Doug Stringer, Jans Ingber, Kellen Ashebroek, Liz Chibucos, Robin Jackson, Rudy Slizewski, Sydney Nash, Cassandra Lewis, Jenny Price and Amanda Price. The stage was full, as were the hearts of those in attendance.

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