LISTEN: Bobby Halvorson Delivers Prog-Jazz Prowess On “Function”

Bobby Halvorson has spent over a decade in the Los Angeles music scene playing shows with his art-rock band Brother, Sister. With a doctorate in music composition and in-depth knowledge of orchestration, Halvorson has worked as an arranger for many artists including Sondre Lerche, Tim Heidecker, Inara George, and Morgxn adorning their work with strings, winds, and chorus. He has worked closely with Van Dyke Parks as a recording artist and arranging assistant and has produced, musical directed, and performed in several live renditions of Harry Nilsson’s The Point working alongside Harry’s son Kiefo. His latest efforts are focused on his own songwriting as he establishes himself in the Sacramento music scene. 

Through a creative process spanning three years and multiple state lines, Halvorson’s latest single “Function”, explodes onto the scene as a fully formed indie-prog composition chock-full of compelling rhythmic twists and time changes while maintaining accessibility through organic melodies and a strong pop arrangement. Melding The Beach Boys with Yes, “Function”, excites with its technical prowess for the mind while never forgetting to also be a song that can connect with people’s hearts in the end.

“I wanted the listener to feel the agitation of being rushed to get to a certain place.” He adds, “When you’re younger and working on yourself it’s so easy to believe that there is some endpoint where you have it all figured out. Of course, there is no endpoint even if you can envision it so clearly. I often find myself trying to get to a place of peace and certainly as fast as possible so I start demanding more of myself by changing habits and lifestyle: read this, do this exercise, eat like this, etc. Over the past few years, I have truly beaten myself down trying to arrive at the place I feel I should be. I’ve been very mean and unfair toward myself. This song is about that state of mind,”says Halvorson.

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