LISTEN: Michael Baker’s “In the Light” Toys With Musical Juxtapositions

Anglo-French singer-songwriter Michael Baker released his debut album Dust & Bone in 2016 while living in his van for two and a half years during the recording. He followed it up with 2020’s Salt and 2021’s How Come You Sleep.

“Often when confronted with something beautiful, a happy moment, I’m overwhelmed with how ephemeral everything is, thus finding sadness. It’s a vicious cycle.” explains Baker. “In the Light”, his latest single, made up primarily of just those sorts of juxtapositions.  “Hide me in the light and I’ll grow/the more you live, the less you know”, Baker sings on the chorus like a riddle weaving pearl who’s only certainty is his uncertainty. Musically, the song is much more decisive. Driven by a simple yet unrelenting bass line, Baker slowly adds more layers as the song progresses making for a dynamic, slow build constructed of vintage tones, ethereal harmonies, and well-placed synth lines. 

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