LISTEN: Argot Molds Crafty & Catchy Indie-Americana On “Riverboat”

Argot is an Indie Rock band from Charleston, SC composed of Grady Rogers, Chris Howell, Molly Smith, and John Brooker. Argot’s name comes from a French word meaning “slang, or words and phrases (often in use for only a short time) used very informally by a group”. This is descriptive of how Argot views music – it’s a shorthand to describe things we can’t quite put into words. A fleeting attempt to translate feelings and themes that are hard to communicate.

“Riverboat”, the second track off the latest EP from Argot, is an approachable indie-Americana jaunt that comes off as a feel-good number while tackling addiction and how people choose to deal with the life that creates for them. The slow build is full of warmth and filled in by lush harmonies throughout, bringing depth and life to the steady, “matter of fact” Kevin Morby-style vocals. The band’s latest EP, I Miss Everyone, was released everywhere on June 10th.

“Inspired by a grandmother who loved to gamble on a riverboat, this song is about each of our vices and how you can shelter yourself from the world and stay in the ‘diamond room’ for as long as you want – for better or for worse,” says the band.

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