HT Giveaway: Camp Bisco 9 Contest, Pt. 1

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We’re less than two weeks away from what looks to be the biggest and best Camp Bisco yet, as Camp Bisco 9 runs from July 15 – 17 at Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, NY. Besides three heaping helpings of Bisco, festival attendees can look forward to sets from HT faves LCD Soundsystem, Ween and Pretty Lights along with performances from Girl Talk, Thievery Corporation and Wu Massacre (Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon).

Tickets for Camp Bisco 9 are still available for $155 per three-day pass. We’ve got a pair of three-day passes to giveaway to CB9 as part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program. Each day we’ll ask a question about Camp Bisco. To enter, simply leave your answer to that day’s question in the comments section at the bottom of each Camp Bisco 9 Giveaway post and on our Facebook page. You can answer each question on BOTH our Facebook page and in the comments section. We’ll ask a total of five questions – one each day – this week, so you can enter up to 10 times.

Here are the rules for our Camp Bisco 9 Giveaway…

  • To enter, leave a comment below or on our Facebook wall telling us what act you are most excited to see at Camp Bisco 9
  • Your comment must be left by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, July 10
  • You can only submit one comment and one Facebok wall post per question. Don’t be greedy.
  • Winner will be selected at random from all entries to all five questions
  • Winner receives one pair of two (2) three-day passes to Camp Bisco 9

Today’s question is “what act are you most excited to see at CB9?”

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73 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: Camp Bisco 9 Contest, Pt. 1

  1. Evan Reply


  2. Justin Reply

    LCD Soundsystem

  3. joey z Reply

    caribou late night should be interesting. andorra was pretty psychedelic and swim is much dancier. should be a great mix of the two. never seen him/them before. pretty psyched!

  4. Corry Reply

    I’d have to say I’m most excited to see Aeroplane. I saw them in Colorado in May and they killed it.

  5. John Reply

    Aside from saying the obvious answer, the Disco Biscuits, I think LCD Soundsystem is going to rip it up. So pumped.

  6. Michael Reply

    I’m stoked to see Emancipator for the first time, but I’m always most excite to see the Disco Bisco. Pretty Lights will be a fun time. Curious to hear Caribou, Aeroplane, more.

  7. mike Reply

    LCD Soundsystem!

  8. scott Reply

    Besides for the Disco Biscuits, I’m most excited to see LCD Sound System. Other acts I’m stoked for is Dieselboy, Brothers Past, The New Deal and Wu Massacre

  9. Adam Reply

    Caribou or ESKMO.

  10. matt Reply

    seems like a more dubstep oriented fest this year, im excited to check out tipper, brothers past, thievery corp, new deal, album leaf, diesel boy and many more…stacked lineup!

  11. Readicculus Reply

    Mostly for the disco biscuits, followed by the new deal and then girl talk.

  12. rory bedell Reply

    besides for the biscuits, aeroplane and the new deal for sure

  13. Jamie Reply

    I’m dying to see the Biscuits because I haven’t gotten my Biscuits fix since June. And hell, it’s Camp Bisco, which is their home festival, so they always go nuts.

  14. Paul Reply

    I’m most excited to see LCD Sound System at Camp Bisco.

  15. Aidan Reply


  16. John P. Reply

    I’m most excited for the Disco Biscuits, followed by New Deal, Theivery Corporation, and Talib Kweli!

  17. lope Reply

    the disco biscuits, wu massacre, the new deal, telepath, lcd, aeroplane late night… CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!

  18. DRC Reply

    the disco biscuits!

  19. burke Reply

    Most excited about LCD Soundsystem and Aeroplane!

  20. Pat Teehan Reply

    I cant wait to see LCD Soundsystem with ALL MY FRIENDS!

  21. dankism Reply

    The disco biscottis, break science, diesel boy, the new deal, wu tang, just a few of my picks. RAGE!

  22. Michael Stranges Reply

    I am most excited to see Emancipator. I absolutely love the last two albums and have been dying to see him live.

  23. Jeff Roberts Reply

    LCD or Break Science w/ Talib and Murph

  24. Jeff Roberts Reply

    Whoops… Really stoked about LCD, definitely dug the newest album A LOT. And Adam Deitch with Murph and Talib sounds like it will be quite the unreal hip hop extravaganza.

  25. Chris Reck Reply


  26. lostinahole Reply

    Dieselboy or album leaf

  27. Kevin Stevenson Reply

    The Disco Biscuits

  28. Mason Reply

    Biscuits. Derek P, Aeoroplane

  29. luke Reply

    kill the noise

  30. Greg Reply

    biscuits, lcd ss, aeroplane.

  31. Sam Reply

    I’m definitely the most excited to see Caribou late night, should be amazing.

  32. Mason Reply


  33. Kam Reply

    Besides the biscuits, Aeroplane latenight.

  34. Victoria Reply

    Besides the biscuits, rubblebucket

  35. TJ Reply

    LCD Soundsystem!

  36. Matthew Shannon Reply

    Timbre Coup.

  37. Dennis Reply

    I am most excited to see the Disco Biscuits play all of their sets. Lots of other goodies. This and Electric Zoo are the must go to festivals on the East Coast.

  38. fluxcapacitor Reply

    Disco Biscuits and LCD Soundsystem

  39. Jon Reply

    Most psyched for aeroplane late night, since they got shafted with a 25 minute set at Inferno.

  40. matt Reply

    disco biscuits!

    if thats too obvious then i’ll go with caribou

  41. colby Reply

    ill take disco biscuits for 1000

  42. Emma Reply

    pretty lights!!!!!!! & big gigantic

  43. Michael Jakubowski Reply

    The Disco Biscuits.

  44. Greg G Reply

    The New Deal rocks my world!

  45. Greg G Reply

    The New Deal rocks my world!!!

  46. Matt Reply

    1. Biscuits
    2. Wu Massacre
    3. Girl Talk

  47. Jackson Reply

    Disco Biscuits of course, but I’m really excited for RAQ. I saw Chris Michetti play along with the Biscuits for the Boston House of Blues show that was cut early, and I’m definitely cravin’ some more.

  48. Vin Reply

    Thievery Corp

  49. Jay Reply


  50. Katie Reply

    The disco biscuits of course but also LCD and Thievery but I am also interested in what ween is going to do. To me its a nice wild card in the line up and im interested to see how it turns out.

  51. Bethany Brennan Reply

    Disco Biscuits/Ween on stage collaboration?

  52. Dave Kopper Reply

    Thievery Corporation

  53. Steve Reply

    Pretty lights!

  54. Caroline Terpstra Reply

    The Disco Biscuits!

  55. Chris Reply

    LCD sound system

  56. Chris Reply


  57. Tyler Harrington Reply


  58. Sarah K Reply


  59. chris Reply


  60. Steveoooooo Reply


  61. Aaron Zarabi Reply

    The New Deal LATE NIGHT is going to blow my mind!!

  62. Dave DiCianni Reply


  63. J Woo Reply


  64. frank Reply

    derek plaslaiko

  65. Jennifer Reply

    The Disco Biscuits!

  66. Lee Reply


  67. Felicia Reply

    Orchard Lounge

  68. Jessica Reply

    biscuits.wu mass.tnD

  69. lawrence Reply

    Most excited for the Disco Biscuits, duh!

  70. nicholas obert Reply

    Rusko latenight at the moment. Wondering how many people will be crushing their skulls to that?

  71. Shaina Morales Reply


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