Neil Young & Crazy Horse Cancel U.S. Shows Including Interlocken

Neil Young & Crazy Horse today announced that in addition to canceling the remaining dates on their European tour, they must also cancel their upcoming U.S. tour dates due to a hand injury sustained by guitarist Poncho Sampredo, whose doctor has indicated that Sampredo’s hand requires additional time to heal properly.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes to our fans or the Festivals where we were scheduled to appear,” the band has said in a statement. “As you must be, we too are disappointed at this unfortunate turn of events.”

The tour dates that have been canceled are as follows:

8/31 Dundas, ON Greenbelt Harvest Picnic
9/02 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre
9/04 Ottawa, ON Ottawa Folk Festival
9/07 Arrington, VA Interlocken Music Festival


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12 Responses

  1. Wow it’s not like he couldn’t find a stand in or wait…., maybe use some of the guitar players who will already be there.


  2. I’m so amazed when I see these comments from people saying that Neil should just get another guitar player and soldier on. I guess those folks don’t understand what a band IS.
    When you’ve been together as a working unit for almost 40 years, you don’t just replace a member if they get hurt or get sick… you cancel or postpone the shows.

    I read a post somewhere from a person who commented that his family was flying in for one of the gigs – if your son or daughter broke their leg and couldn’t make the trip, would you simply ask one of their friends to come along in their place and expect them to “replace” your family member? No, probably not.

    Well, it’s the same thing for Neil and the Horse. It’s about FAMILY.

    A few years ago, the band Yes had scheduled a big 40th Anniversary Tour. Shortly before the dates, their longtime lead vocalist, for many, the identifying sound of the band, came down with a throat problem, and was ordered by his doctor to not sing for at least 6 months. That meant cancelling the tour, which they did.
    Not long after, bassist (and founder) Chris Squire was watching a youtube video of a Yes cover band from Canada, and was impressed by their vocalist and how much he sounded like Anderson. So he hired him to replace Anderson, and they did the tour anyway. He never contacted his bandmate to talk to him about it before he made the decision, and Anderson has not performed with Yes since this happened, even though they continue to tour worldwide.

    I find such mercenary behavior to be reprehensible, and I applaud Neil for sticking by Poncho, and not going out with a substitute player and calling it “Crazy Horse”.
    It was the right thing to do.

    I feel for anyone that doesn’t get to see them play, and hope that will find a way to makle up the shows that were cancelled, and perhaps do more shows as part of a longer tour.

    1. Dude. Save the drama for your mama. Get over yourself.

      No one cares who Poncho Sampredo is except you and Neil Young. It’s simple rock and roll and no matter what you say, any adequate player can stand in and kick ass.

      There are thousands of people who bought tickets to this expensive weekend to see Neil Young and not one of them cares about Poncho Sampredo, They want to see Neil Young. That could be solo Neil Young, that could be Neil Young with Further, that could be Neil Young with Widespread. Most importantly, that could be Neil Young with that guy who teaches guitar at your local music store.

    2. Absolutely agree with Gus. Now if they were Spinal Tap and the drummer blew up, that would be a different story. The sad side of this is when one of them goes to that great gig in the sky, will that mean the end for all ?

  3. I care who Poncho Sampedro is. I wish him well. I disagree that anyone could just step in. Interlocken has not come out with a statement yet. Perhaps, there is a lot of work going on trying to work out a solution putting Neil on stage. Perhaps not. Fixing this ( if possible) sure as Hell is not gonna happen overnight.

  4. I agree with Beethoven and Mozart the two Gus’s. A stand in is not unheard of,it happens all the time. Bring in one of literally thousands of guitarists to fill in while Poncho is healing. Certainly not a good enough reason to cancel half a tour. And Neil Young is way more than capable of finishing the tour solo. He’s one of the best solo entertainers out there. Sure he has a great band and is loyal to them as he should be. Just saying there are other options available. And at the end of the day Beethoven is right, there is probably not anyone buying tickets to see Poncho!

  5. Fly in Eric Clapton in:,,,,,Tom Petty/HB, or have WSP ply the headliner, then Furthur/ Royal Southern Brotherhood 0r George Clinton-P-Funk,,to fill in before

  6. Pancho or not, I want my expensive/arena/classic rock. It doesn’t matter to me how many times I’ve seen a band, I need to relive the good times of my boomer youth on a regular basis.

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