Barrence Whitfield and The Savages – Dig Thy Savage Soul


digthyRambling around those swampy crossroads of punk/soul/rockabilly Barrence Whitfield and The Savages are creating that garage lo-fi R & B that just rattles and shakes like 50’s boogie-woogie on a three day bender.

The Boston based collective throws down with abandon, teetering on the edge of the stage, but never collapsing off of it. Whitfield’s voice screeches and screams mid way between Little Richard and Screaming Jay Hawkins as The Savages propel the fury forward. “The Corner Man” punches things off powerfully as the stripped down raw jangle motors fiercely around the ring. The swaggering blues of “My Baby Didn’t Come Home” would sound proper pumping from a roadhouse juke, listening with a beer in hand.

Tracks like “Show Me Baby” and “Sugar” amp up decades past R &;B while scuffing up the edges and injecting pure energy into the mix. The groups unique take on the age old money problem titled “Bread” is unique yet completely within the mold of this punk/soul style. The disk closing “Turn Your Damper Down” is a careening rickety roller coaster ride, exciting from take off to crash landing

Whitfield’s lyrics stay in the tried and true boy/girl issues realm and don’t really elevate things, but the singing style and playing mesh so well, the words come secondary. Whether it is their surf rock inspired “Blackjack” or their hip shaking hound-dog light “Hey Hey Little Girl” the five piece of Barrence Whitfield (vocals), Peter Greenberg (guitar), Phil Lenker (bass), Andy Jody (drums), and Tom Quartulli (sax) play with freedom and a rawness that is invigorating.

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