Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Somebody Who Loves Me Edition

I wanna dance with somebody. No, I’d really rather feel the heat with somebody.

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David Byrne is making headlines down at SXSW. Well, to put it a bit more accurately, some editors are making pun-fueled headlines about him. The music industry is abuzz after Colonel PowerPoint presented some obviously maverick viewpoints down at the Austin festival last week during his lecture entitled “Record Companies: Who Needs Them?” So in honor of Mr. Byrne’s recent efforts, here’s a new-to-YouTube video of his unique take on Whitney Houston’s rager:


  • Given all the Industrial Strength Levon Fluffing I’ve been doing ’round these here parts lately, I figured I’d balance things out with some Danko and some Manuel, two men this world is worse without: When You Awake and Tears of Rage (ToR video quality is ‘eh’ but audio is ‘wow’)
  • Speaking of bands I’d love to see on the same stage again, here’s a great video of the Faces playing a rockin’ I’m Losing You for the British telly
  • Three words: Alumni Blues Revolution
  • Every now and again I’ll type Sly & the Family Stone into YouTube and see what’s new on the ol’ cyberweb. It’s been about a month since my last check-up, and in that time someone’s been kind enough to post Sly & Co. performing a sweet medley on the Kraft Music Hour — so get down on it
  • Here’s another Sly-related video that’s an instant classic/must-watch
  • I’ll let Scotty introduce this one from the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions: “Sammy and Michael Anthony leading the Letterman band through Why Can’t This Be Love. The redeeming quality is Will Lee jumping up and down like a mad man. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that guy without a bass before, and he makes the most of his opportunity.”

I gotta jump in here and ask an important question: Dude, is Michael Anthony on the juice these days? Somebody search that guy’s jock. Search his jock!

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