Another One For Woody: Setlists & Videos

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Ten years after One For Woody, late bassist Allen Woody’s musical family re-assembled at New York’s Roseland Ballroom for Another One For Woody. The emotional high point of the evening came when Woody’s daughter, Savannah, came out with Gov’t Mule to sing Soulshine…

Gov’t Mule – Soulshine

One of Woody’s closest friends and musical companions, Warren Haynes, kicked off the show with a brief acoustic set joined by Kevn Kinney and Edwin McCain. Luther and Cody Dickinson, billed as the North Mississippi Allstars Duo, followed leading the way for guest-laden sets from Gov’t Mule and the Allman Brothers Band. A singalong, instrumental take on Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here closed the show some time around 1:30AM.

Here’s a look at last night’s setlists…

Warren Haynes, Edwin McCain & Kevn Kinney @ Another One For Woody:

Set: Just Outside Of Heaven (A Good Country Mile), The Lucky One, I Shall Be Released

North Mississippi Allstars Duo @ Another One For Woody:

Set: Sitting On Top of the World, Shimmy She Wobble > Station Blues > Preachin’ Blues, Glory Glory, Po Black Maddie (w/ Gordie Johnson), Straight To Hell (w/ Gordie Johnson), Whiskey Rockin Rolla (w/ Artemis Pyle, Danny Louis, Audley Freed)

Gov’t Mule @ Another One For Woody:

Set: Railroad Boy > Blind Man In The Dark, Steppin’ Lightly, Banks Of The Deep End, I’m A Ram (with Gordie Johnson, Jim Loughlin & Vinnie Amico), Dear Prudence (with Chuck Garvey, Jim Loughlin & Vinnie Amico), 32/20 Blues (with Hook Herrera, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson & Artemis Pyle), Stay With Me (with Rich Robinson & Artemis Pyle), Sometimes Salvation (with Rich Robinson, Robert Kearns & Artemis Pyle, without Jorgen Carlsson), Simple Man (with Artemis Pyle, Audley Freed & Robert Kearns, without Matt Abts & Jorgen Carlsson),Wishing Well (with Artemis Pyle & Audley Freed), Soulshine (with Savannah Woody & Artemis Pyle)

Allman Brothers Band @ Another One For Woody:

Set: Don’t Want You No More, Ain’t My Cross To Bear, End Of The Line, No One Left To Run With, Black Hearted Woman > Other One Jam, Who’s Been Talking (w/Hook Herrera), Midnight Rider, One Way Out (w/Rich Robinson & Berry Oakley Jr), Statesboro Blues (w/Berry Oakley Jr), The Weight (w/Audley Freed & Danny Louis), Franklins Tower (w/Chuck Garvey, Vinnie Amico & James Van de Bogart), Southbound (w/Hook, Luther, & Cody)
Encore: Whipping Post, Wish You Were Here (Warren w/ Berry Oakley jr., Gordie Johnson, Danny Louis & Matt Abts)

[Setlists Via @GovtMuleBand]

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4 thoughts on “Another One For Woody: Setlists & Videos

  1. Jeffrey Greenblatt Reply

    Fantastic night of music. Thought the Allmans were on fire, their set will definitely end up in my Top Ten shows of the year.

  2. Chad B. Reply

    Mine too. Extraordinary night of music. Allmans burned the place down, though Mule set had plenty of highs. How about that sick nasty 32-20 with Hook and the Dickinsons? Or Dear Prudence?

  3. KarenD Reply

    Amazing night! Still living it in my mind. Gov’t Mule was exceptional – loved the covers Stay with Me and Sometimes Salvation. And the Allmans burned it up! The special guests were a real treat. A historical night…so glad to have been a part.

  4. Mastanug Reply

    Warren actually broke down and cried before Soulshine. Truly an amazing show!

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