Wade’s World: An Open Letter to Those Involved With Jam Cruise 9

Respected music industry leaders letting loose, but still sharing their ideas on where music is going and how their artists can make something new and exciting happen in a time when everything has been done, is truly a sight to see. These amazing people sharing groundbreaking thoughts over drinks and music all set to a glorious soundtrack could never be done in front of a computer. You can not deny the need for computer communication as a means for efficient business practices. However, being truly inspired by your peers and the artists they represent in the wide open ocean as all the bands and musicians sit in with each other creating music that has never happened before and may never again is enough to make you think twice about your next conference call. Perhaps it should be somewhere in person, over drinks, set to music, tinged with beauty. It’s not going to work out that way all the time, but if you have the ability to beautify your communication with your partners…DO IT. And if that means taking your office on the next Jam Cruise, then by god book your cabins now.

If I saw anything on this Jam Cruise it was the beauty of the human spirit when it is disconnected from social network distraction. I learned that everything hasn’t been done. There’s a whole world of influences and ideas out there ready to be put into action by both the dreamers and the livers of the dream. We can all live the dream in our own way, but we have to stay human. We have to remember the beauty of the moments we cherish and let them guide us through our day to day. As a great man once said: Without love in the dream it will never come true. So please, book your cabin next year for Jam Cruise and find out what it means to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the human spirit.

To everyone who made this Jam Cruise the greatest, I thank you from the deepest recesses of my soul. Today is 1/11/11 and it’s time to take back the human spirit. It’s time to take what’s ours.

Sincerely Yours,

Wade Ellis Wyllys Wilby

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15 Responses

  1. dude stick to the turntables. the benefits of “unplugging” have been touted time and time again in everything from tech blogs, to travel blogs, to the new york times. “For some, it’s a healthy distraction at work, a convienient time waster that can get you through the day with a few laughs and some new songs to add to your playlists” – isn’t this exactly what Hidden Track is? “There’s a whole world of influences and ideas out there ready to be put into action by both the dreamers and the livers of the dream.” isn’t this what social networking aims at connecting? you sound like you had a great time, but not a convincing writer.

  2. You may want to let the mahldawg wear off before posting again, brah.

    Just kidding…cool writeup, and I’ve been there before when coming back from Jam Cruise. I actually wrote a whole letter to myself about how to become a better person the day after JC7. The feeling of being disconnected from the world is one of the best parts of the boat.

  3. I referenced that social networking was a necessity a few times in the article. Looks like you have the comprehension skills of a 4th grader. Why don’t you try and out-write me brah, or are you just trolling to spread your negative vibes? Either way, your post was ignorant and malevolent. Beat it.

  4. hahahah holy shit wylls! straight to the personal insults huh? way to handle ANY criticism. i’m not trying to “spread my negative cyber-vibes” I was just commenting that people have made the argument for unplugging in the past, and they’ve done it in much more effective ways than claiming that it “lets loose the chains on your heart” to “beautify your communication with your partners.” hahah you are MILES from professional as a writer / blogger. don’t see too many good writers respond to negative comments with “go fuck yourself” hahah.

  5. Go ahead. Out-write me. Gaunlet is down. Submit a piece. Would love to see it. And let’s get one thing straight, I’m a pro at everything I do and I have the resume to prove it. You think the content is cheesy, well, it is. Its a piece about love and respect for each other. Lets see what you got, troller. I guarantee its garbage

    1. ** you misspelled gauntlet

      and really, Wade, surely a renaissance-pro as illustrious as yourself, with résumé to prove, has better things to do than argue with bilgepump-esque internet trolls at 2:30 on a tuesday afternoon? or pen bizarre and dangerously clichéd “open letters” about Facebook to “Those involved with Jam Cruise 9”, for that matter. surely there are deeper cuts to find out there

  6. i never made the claim that i could write better. deep breaths dude. when movie directors get panned do they challenge critics to make better movies themselves? no. because that would be childish. i tried to address a few points i thought were hypocritical (you write for a music blog that does exactly what you are suggesting we need to get away from on occasion). you didn’t address this with the least bit of thought. just got all worked up, stomped your feet, and “laid down the gauntlet”.

  7. Jon is proving that the ol’ intraweb is full of people who use it only to knock others. I was on the boat and concur with your statements. Look forward to next time my friend. As for Jon good luck with your bitterness.

  8. hahaha sorry internet lurkers. i thought the piece was supposed to be a comment on tech dependency. on the (largely proven) benefits of unplugging once in a while. and in that endeavour i thought the piece wasn’t that great. three things have since become obvious: 1) the piece was meant as nothing more than a fluffing of how much fun jam cruise was (awesome! i’m genuinely happy for you guys! would love to make it (read: afford it) one year!) 2) i was foolish to expect a response any more thoughtful than “fuck the haters!” and 3) Wyllys is a very sensitive gentleman. my apologies! as you were internetz…

  9. Word up Wade. This is why traveling is so important regardless of dollars involved…among family, business, and pleasure.

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