HT Giveaway: Mike Gordon Band @ BK Bowl

The Mike Gordon Band’s first tour of 2011 has gotten off to a great start with five shows in five nights out west. Not only did Mike’s five-piece unveil new original material from Moss and his time with Leo Kottke, but the ensemble has also worked new covers into the repertoire including Ralph Stanley’s Going Up Home to Live in Green Pastures and Beck’s Black Tambourine. Also, the MGB has teared up Mound at every other show.

Mike and his band start heading east with gigs in Flagstaff, Ariz. (Friday); Telluride, Colo. (Saturday); Aspen, Colo. (Sunday); Denver, Colo. (Monday) and Lawrence, Kans. (Tuesday) over the next five nights starting tomorrow. In less than two weeks, the MGB hit the Big Apple for two performances at Brooklyn Bowl on March 22 and 23. While these shows are sold out, we have two pairs of tickets to giveaway for each night.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us about your favorite lyric written by Mike Gordon. Also, let us know which night you can attend (22nd and/or 23rd) as we will have separate drawings for each night. All entries must be received by Thursday, March 17th, at 11:59PM EST. We’ll pick the winners randomly shortly thereafter.

A few rules…

  • To enter the contest, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite lyric written by Mike Gordon and mentioning which show(s) you’d be able to attend
  • Anybody found entering more than once will be disqualified, tarred and feathered
  • Two winners for each night will be selected at random from all entries
  • Each winner will receive a pair of tickets to see the Mike Gordon Band at Brooklyn Bowl on either March 22 or March 23

Head over to’s new Mike Gordon setlist section for a look at what the Mike Gordon Band has played on this tour and all previous tours.

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54 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: Mike Gordon Band @ BK Bowl

  1. Michael Martelli, Jr Reply

    Favorite lyric: “But I’m hooked up to a machine/It performs my daily functions/Through a tube in my wien” from Catapult, this song always crack me up due to Mike’s wonderfully odd sensibilities.

    I would like to attend the March 23rd show.

  2. andrew Reply

    “My clone is hard of hearing, so he taught me how to sign
    And in silence I could see your eyes and know that you were mine”

    either show works!

  3. Mitch Reply

    “Don’t be concerned if I’m caught off guard
    My mind was trying to burrow like a groundhog”

    March 23 Please. Thanks!

  4. Bill Reply

    All the way home we felt we had a chance
    To review the coulds before we were born
    And to invite a new game of can’ts

    Love the meaning & rhymes scheme of it! Oh, and the melody is classic Mike yet beautiful.

    March 23rd please!

  5. Tom G Reply

    I forgot my problems, or so it seems
    I was able to leave them in another dream
    A few feet beneath the fallen leaves, in the Andelman’s yard

    love this track, and the fact that Mike plays EVERYTHING on it. I’ve been wearing it out on vinyl since it came out..AH!

  6. Tom G Reply

    either show! sorry for posting tweeece :/

  7. Drew Reply

    All I ever wanted, since I was a kid
    was to run out into the wilderness and live off the grid

    March 23 Please!

  8. Chris Reply

    For a broken old man and a world unkind
    He buried all his memories of home
    In an icy clump that lies beneath the ground
    March 22 please!!!

  9. Jackson Reply

    Im just sittin back here Sharin the groove

  10. S. K. Reply

    “I punched him in the eye, for to fighting I am prone
    And I almost heard of his saying he was me and I’m the clone”

    march 22 please

  11. Matthew Reply

    “Ice is all he was made of
    The bitter blue, and frozen through
    He went over to the mound
    Reclining down his final thoughts
    Were drifting to the time this life had shined”

    I would love to attend the show on March 23rd!

  12. yanzlow Reply

    Lyric: “So we follow the scene and flowed up your steps
    To a smooth wooden floor in a trance
    The train whistle melody wove through the trees
    And in through the door to signal the turns of a dance”

    22nd works best for me.

  13. Kenny Reply

    ‘For making fire from a stick
    It can burn and you imagine it
    When you start to loosen up your grip
    First comes a song and then the burning stick’

    This always gets stuck in my head and I love it!

    Either the 22nd or 23rd work very well for me! This would make a most wonderful birthday present for my s/o. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Jeff Reply

    “I’d like to cut your head off so I can weight it – what do you say?”

  15. Joe Reply

    Till she stopped the mule
    And she kicked the rump
    And the big old mule took a big old dump

    I can go either night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i slippy Reply

    “id like to gather all your friends and squish them into a smalllll swimming pooool”

    either night is good

  17. Tammy Bick Reply

    If I pass out take me to the round church
    Where echoes resound
    And my spirit is found
    And when I float high
    Take my arm and I’ll fly you by
    The outskirts of town, to a garden that’s round

    22nd works best for me

  18. bill scott Reply


    23rd – Thanks

  19. Scott Reply

    ” Cause when I get mad, I get red and then I start to steam
    and this guitar is gonna FUCK YOUR FACE , cause it knows how to scream! ”

    Either night would be super cool

  20. Adam Reply

    Highway Bill’s on the rotary still and he can’t even feel the painOf a sun dried shoulder and a scar from a boulderthat cut him right across his veinNow he’s suckin’ cigar and he’s shovelin’ tarin the crater of a turnpike terrainHe’s got only one hope, and he wants to elope,’cuz Highway Jill is driving him insane.

    Either night is good!

  21. Mark Rosenberg Reply

    “When everyone around’s using surface talk
    And all the folks seem similar everywhere you walk
    To cut beneath those layers like a glass shard
    Come with me to my old streeet and we’ll run beneath
    The Andelmans’ yard”

    March 23rd would be the best for me, but obviously I’d go for either!

  22. Paul Reply

    “If I pass out take me to the round church
    Where echoes resound
    And my spirit is found
    And when I float high
    Take my arm and I’ll fly you by
    The outskirts of town, to a garden that’s round”

    3/23 please

  23. eric Reply

    But the Collins missile broke before I got to use it.
    I couldn’t find the fuse, and the dials wouldn’t turn.
    It seemed to lack the features that made me want to choose it. The balls back in your court, though I tried to take a turn.

    3/23 is best

  24. Matt Hagel Reply

    “Scent of a mule, you better watch out where you go
    Take your laser beams away” If you’re a lover of scent of mule and pick this lyric then I’d love to go on the 22nd. I can always do the 23rd too

  25. amy Reply

    I’m sittin’ back here, sharin’ in the groove.

    either night works.

  26. Dianna Reply

    “Slow down & live before I’m gone & dead”
    -from “Voices”

    Great advice… Either night works for me 🙂

  27. Zack DB Reply

    “The tires are the things on your car
    That make contact with the road
    The car is the thing on the road
    That takes you back to your abode”
    -Clicheish I know, but I love that line, and the song!
    Any nite works for this New Yorker! Thanks!

  28. Melita Reply

    “And this guitar is gonna fuck your face ’cause it knows how to scream!!”

    Either night works for me.


  29. Missy B Reply

    “we can deja vu backwards, baby, make it seem like a trip
    that i could later take you on, like i might’ve before
    and if they ask what you’re doing here, look over at me, baby
    then they’re gonna know now what never happened for sure”

    *either March 22 or 23rd. THANKS!

  30. Thomas Reply

    In honor of the Brooklyn Bowl’s fried chicken (best I’ve ever eaten) Soul Food Man:

    But he isn’t gonna go to the show
    Until he’s got a bucket of soulfood food to go
    You’ve got to understand: he’s a soulfood man

    Either night would be epic. Thank YOU!

  31. Andrew Reply

    These friends of mine, I can see right through!

  32. Andrew Reply

    These friends of mine, I can see right through! 23rd


  33. john cornacchia Reply

    This guitar is gonna fuck your face. 23rd of march. Thank you

  34. Alanna Reply

    “i forgot my problems or so it seems, i was able to leave them in another dream, but i got my friends & were running hard”

    — march 22nd!!

  35. larry Reply

    “I am a prince I have it all, I hear her footsteps through the wall”
    23rd please

  36. Danielle Reply

    My favourite Mike Lyric is:

    “I walk through the hallways inside my mind” – Mike’s Song

    I love this line because of the imagery that it evokes for me. I see my mind as a long and complex hallway with infinite turns and passageways and infinite doors that can be locked to bury secrets or opened to reveal memmories lost to time.

    I would love to go to the show on the 23rd!(But the 22nd will also work) – Thanks! – Danielle

  37. B-Rad Reply

    ‘Dreaming if I’d fly high enough to see that it’s a dream, the gravity is working in my sleep. Falling back I hear a tiny voice that seems to scream, get out now you’re simply just too deep. Take me Out.’
    March 23rd

  38. jamie Reply

    Highway bill’s on the rotary still…
    March 22

  39. Ben Reply

    Access to your thoughts on the way that I should be. So I could start to change and maybe you could access me.

    March 22nd

  40. Uberchef Reply

    I forgot my problems or so it seems
    I was able to leave them in another dream!

    Help a brah get to see gordeaux, either night’ll do 🙂

  41. Mojackson Reply

    She leapt like a frog
    But got chased by the green sparrow
    She bartered her being
    Escaping the bird as an airborne scorpion

    either day would work for me.

  42. Samuel Jackson Reply

    I’d like to cut your head off so I could weigh it, what do ya say?
    Five pounds, six, pounds, seven pounds

    22nd please.

  43. Beltless_Buckler Reply


    I could attend either show!

  44. Brendan Cohen Reply

    Reclining down his final thoughts
    Were drifting to the time this life had shined


  45. Stavro Reply

    Here”s a glance of elegance
    Here we shower ourselves in lightness

  46. Amanda Jolly Reply

    i’d like to cut your head i can weigh it. whatta ya sayy?? 5 pounds? 6 pounds? 7 pounds?

    to put it simply: my fav lyric by gordo bc its funny and i love the song! and gordos funny and i looove him!

    tickets for the 22nd would be awesome!! i have mine for the 23rd but really wanna go both nights <3


  47. JP Houchens Reply

    with the right device you can make a pattern grow, or you can tune up your car—–train song. favorite cause its true.

    I could go to either show.

    No left turn unstoned

  48. Eric B Reply

    “Well I’m sittin back here, sharin in the groove” !

    22nd or 23rd please and thank you!

  49. JR Reply

    My favorite line is:
    “These friends of mine, I can see right through”

    A ticket for the 23rd would be perfect.

  50. steve o Reply

    I’d Catapult downtown, to see my favorite fiancee in a lavender gown.

    March 23 please

  51. luke Reply

    while she was driving she tried to watch the road

    she was disappearing and it showed – Invisible

    23rd, or whichever works best for you.

  52. Ross Zuckerman Reply

    “Sharin’ in the groove” is my favorite Mike lyric. It is my mantra.

    March 22nd



  53. bonni fierstein Reply

    the big ol’ mule took a big ol’ dump.

    doesn’t get much more poetic than that 🙂

    either night is good for me!

  54. hutchinsonluke Reply

    Fountain, Egg, Treason, Cave- Will
    you dance on grave? – mock song

    either date works.

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