Phish Announced MSG Re-Release Via Twitter

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Phish (@Phish) had responded to tweets from fan Dave Ginsberg (@youenjoyme) exposing eBay auctions of scalped mail order tickets. The response from the band appeared to show they were at least engaged in trying to thwart the scalping of tickets they directly sold. Yesterday, a tweet from @Phish alerted fans, and perhaps scalpers, of a Ticketmaster re-release of tickets to their sold-out New Year’s Eve four night run at Madison Square Garden.

That tweet, sent four minutes prior to the start of the re-release, has been retweeted nearly 50 times. Reaction from #Phish fans on Twitter was strong and varied depending on how successful in scoring tickets they were.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/subtle_sounds/status/144190769807368192″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/DogGoneBlog/status/144190987890204672″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/subtle_sounds/status/144191307512938497″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/misterajp/status/144190244168810496″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/alliedise/status/144200468221018112″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/jraras/status/144234684962975744″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/cogstweets/status/144197158424412160″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/lumps/status/144198044362088449″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/HaroldTwatter/status/144198159164387328″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/kmerrill80/status/144198647100346370″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/sugdaddy/status/144199385843105794″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/DrifterNo_2/status/144274205201006594″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/bmrafferty/status/144272190500634624″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/MichaelCliffant/status/144300945260560384″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/ajholmesmusic/status/144296641598459904″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/JoePoNoooo/status/144434707453575169″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Tara_MacD/status/144302298166857728″]

Did you have any luck with yesterday’s re-release? Do you think the tweet from @Phish helped or hurt your chances? Follow @Hidden_Track and send us a tweet with your thoughts on getting MSG tickets.

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