The Awesomeness of Questlove: Boss’s Wiggle Waggle

Questlove sure took a lot of shit recently for The Roots‘ performance of Lyin’ Ass Bitch by Fishbone as the intro music when Michele Bachmann guested on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Now don’t get us wrong, he deserved some of the heat and he was naive to think that the move wouldn’t end up with his powers to pick intro songs usurped by NBC execs, which sucks for all of us.

[The Boss and Little Stevie’s Reaction to Wiggle Waggle]

Fallon was put in a tough spot and even though the comedian seemed to throw Questo under the bus at points during the fallout from the incident, there’s no doubt Jimmy still has the utmost respect for the drummer. This was clear on Monday night during Fallon’s appearance on Rock Center.

The Late Night host told the tale of Bruce Springsteen’s visit to his show. During the interview segment, Bruce and Jimmy went over an old E Street Band setlist. One of the tunes on the setlist was Wiggle Waggle by Herbie Hancock and Springsteen asked The Roots if they knew the tune. The Roots said they didn’t, but a few minutes later when Fallon went to commercial the band started playing Wiggle Waggle to The Boss’s delight. Questlove pulled the tune up on YouTube and taught his band mates the tune by the time the interview was over. No rehearsal, no nothing – just another reason The Roots are the best in the business.

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