Umphrey’s McGee UMBowl III Ballots Unveiled

We’re less than a month away from the third annual UMBowl, which is set to take place at Park West on April 27. For this sold-out, football-themed event, the group has offered attendees a chance to vote on what songs Umphrey’s McGee will play during the All Request first quarter as well as the “Raw Stewage” fourth quarter. Today, the ballots went out and there are some fantastic bust outs, covers and killer “Jimmy Stewart”s on the table.

Quarter 1: All Request Quarter

[Images by Y3llow 5ub of The Bort]

Team Umphrey’s has dug deep into their repertoire for many of the choices presented of which attendees can choose five options. Covers include the infrequently played Fame by David Bowie and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck as well as tunes that have gone years without seeing action such as Help On The Way > Slipknot! by the Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin’s Ten Years Gone. There’s also new-to-Umphrey’s choices including 46&2 by Tool, Rush’s Subdivisions, Starship Trooper by Yes, The Trooper by Iron Maiden and Hesitation Blues by Hot Tuna, which would be performed by guitarist Jake Cinninger and bassist Ryan Stasik. There’s even an option for Stasik to sing Low Self Opinion by Rollins Band.

As far as originals, there are plenty of amazing options including rarities Sweetness, Prophecy Now, The Haunt (OG Version), Q-Bert and Raymond. Or you could vote for acoustic versions of Morning Song, Search 4, Ride On Pony, Divisions and/or Roulette. A handful of the band’s signature mash-ups are also options as are a few of the new Death By Stereo remixes. Umphrey’s even put an option for the debut of an original chosen by the band, plus a new solo Brendan acoustic tune.

Scotty’s Picks: Subdivisions (Rush), The Weight Around (Whole Band), The Haunt (OG Version), Starship Trooper (Yes) and Help On The Way > Slipknot! (Grateful Dead)

Quarter 4: Raw Stewage

For hard-core Umphreaks, nothing gets the blood flowing like the thought of the band revisiting some of their best “Jimmy Stewart” improvisations from the past ten years. The sextet did a fantastic job of picking old Stews for the ballot and even gave voters the ability to hear an excerpt from each jam. Once again, attendees can pick five options.

Scotty’s Picks: 06/10/2006 The Haunt, 02/15/2006 Visions of Parin, 01/22/2009 In The Kitchen, 11/02/2006 Groove Holmes and 12/11/2004 Triple Wide

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