Trey Anastasio’s Big Fall – Musical to Broadway / New Album

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Phish front man Trey Anastasio has never hidden his love for musical theater that dates back to his childhood, when his mother would take the New Jersey native and his sister into the Big Apple regularly to see Broadway shows. Anastasio will see a dream of his come true during Broadway’s 2012-2013 season as Hands On A Hardbody – a musical featuring music co-written by Trey and Amanda Green – will bow on The Great White Way according to reports.

Hands On A Hardbody is currently in the middle of a run at the La Jolla Playhouse that is scheduled through June 17. More details on the musical’s Broadway run, including the theater, casting and performance dates will be announced soon.

Also of note, an article about Hands On A Hardbody from mentions that Trey’s forthcoming solo album is due “this fall.” Recording sessions for the album took place late last year and early this year at producer Peter Katis’s Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Members of The National, Mates of State, yMusic and Anastasio’s solo band were part of those sessions.

[Hat Tip – @rphish]

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10 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio’s Big Fall – Musical to Broadway / New Album

  1. kyle Reply

    This is great and all but didnt trey in a jambnads article say phish would be in the studio. I smell a hiatus as if no fall or winter tour isnt hiatus enough and taking weeks of between legs. Lets face it and i hate to say it but trey has other things he wants to do and rightly so… looks like 2013 2ill be another short touring year for phish again oh and fuch]k the national and i know scotty prob likes them but trey has been pushing this indie hipster shit down our throuats for years. Do you really think Mike Gordon wanted to cover Golden Age!?

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      Don’t even know where to start with all things that are either wrong or pure conjecture in your comment. Sad that news about Trey fulfilling one of his dreams and actually putting out new material has led to such a negative reaction.

      • Gary Reply

        Scott, he’s an idiot. Sounds like a typical PTer. I am looking forward to the new album, hopefully with a tour to follow. Any tour rumors you know of?

        • Scott Bernstein Reply

          I haven’t heard anything as of yet except that there will be some shows. Don’t think there will be too many gigs, but that too is pure conjecture 🙂

  2. Josh Reply


  3. Corey Reply

    I don’t think Trey forced mike gordon to play golden age, or any members of the band to do anything they didn’t want to do. Was he gonna take his guitar and go home if mike didn’t? I doubt it. I’m pretty sure that all the songs Phish play are pretty much songs they WANT to play. They don’t need to tour every year. Phish isn’t trying to make it happen, they’ve already MADE it. If a year off equals better, new, phish… sweet.

  4. thnkfstpal Reply

    Can’t wait for the new solo album and congrats to Trey on his musical hitting NYC!!

  5. danimal6000 Reply

    i want to hang out with kyle. we hate the same things. j/k, that guy sounds like a tool.

  6. TCinNYC Reply

    I am thrilled for Trey, & think it is another fantastic accomplishment for him in his spectacular career. I was lucky, I was at St Mike’s in Winooski VT from 1987 – 1991 & I got to see Trey perform not just in the bars & clubs with Phish, but also in jazz settings like Halvorsons, Sneakers, even at The Outback with Johnny B Fishman Jazz Ensemble. Every step of the way he has stayed true to his passion, & always (well almost always) put his best foot forward no matter the result. I am proud to be in my 4th decade with Trey & Phish as the soundtrack of my adult life, & I can’t wait to take my wife to see his show on Broadway!! How cool would it be if he & Amanda can bag a TONY or two?? Awesome.

  7. Roger Reply

    I’m excited about anything and everything Trey puts out. It sure beats most of the other stuff out there these days. I would love to see the musical and also am very interested to hear Trey’s new album. Would love to hear a new Phish album too, don’t get me wrong. I think “Steam” is one of the best songs ever written on planet earth!

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