The Capitol Years: Dance Away the Terror


Reverb-laden vocals on the austere title track set a tone to match the doom and gloom associated with The Stills’ debut, but just when you think The Capitol Years has gone all Interpol, the band rips down the shroud to show you their shrine.  Keep listening and it’s easy to see that the Philadelphia quintet is deeply in debt to Jeff Lynne.  “Long Time,” “Mirage People,” “Chandelier” – any of these songs could be ELO B-sides, if not buried in the archives of the Travelling Wilburys.  Despite containing the title of the seminal album by My Bloody Valentine, “It’s Only Loveless” does not offer a diversion into shoegaze.  No genre-hopping here, just classic songwriting, most realized on the percussive piano-led bounce of the title track’s reprise.

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