Various Artists: Stranger Than Fiction – Music From the Motion Picture


If you have seen Stranger Than Fiction, Will Ferrell’s recent foray into mild dramatic territory, you’ll realize early on that an IRS agent who spends his passionless mornings counting out the number of strokes he performs while brushing his teeth, isn’t hip enough to have Spoon accompany his mundane existence.  

But then again, the movie is titled Stranger Than Fiction, so even the soundtrack must live up to the title. Any movie where the milquetoast protagonist wins over his romantic interest by singing Wreckless Eric’s 1978 single "Whole Wide World," let alone knows who the Stiff Records recording artist is, must possess some sensibilities that make it cooler than its own good. The film’s score boasts accompaniment co-written by Spoon’s Britt Daniel as well as a buoyant new song from the band called "The Book I Write," which fits in nicely with the theme of the movie.

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