Trey Anastasio Covers A “Justin Bieber Song” / Tells Origin Story

Trey Anastasio’s TAB Fall Tour 2012 visited the LC Pavilion in Columbus last night where there was an interesting bit of banter between the two songs that filled the encore slot. After starting the encore with Heavy Things, Big Red strode to the mic and proceeded to tell the story of how TAB’s precursor, 8 Ft. Florescent Tubes, was put together for a special gig to open Higher Ground. The Phish guitarist then told the crowd they were about to hear the first song that group (featuring current TAB drummer Russ Lawton and bassist Tony Markellis) ever wrote and performed and said that “who would’ve ever guessed that years later in would become a Justin Bieber song?” in reference to the First Tube tease Justin Bieber guitarist (and Phish fan) Dan Kanter dropped at a recent JB show.

After roars from the audience, Trey went on to say he was “thrilled” that Bieber took Phish’s lighting director (Chris Kuroda) on tour before launching into First Tube. Watch the fun banter here…

Set 1: Sand, Corona, The Land of Nod, Cayman Review, Magilla, Words to Wanda, Sleep Again, Money, Love and Change, Scabbard, Frost, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Architect, Push On ‘Til the Day

Set 2: Simple Twist Up Dave, Sweet Dreams Melinda, A Case of Ice and Snow, Valentine, Curlew’s Call, Pigtail, Clint Eastwood, Last Tube > Show of Life

Encore: Heavy Things, First Tube


TAB Tour continues on Monday night at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Penn.

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