Pro-Shot Video: Phish – Scents and Subtle Sounds (Camden ’03)

We just came across a gem that’s New-To-YouTube that seemed too good to be true – 30 marvelous pro-shot minutes of Phish performing the best version of Scents and Subtle Sounds yet. The clip was filmed at Camden’s then-named Tweeter Center on July 30th, 2003 and the Scents included within took place towards the beginning of the first set.

When we stumbled on this clip we had a hard time believing it was indeed the genuine article as there’s no other footage from that show on YouTube. After searching the internet for photos from that night (Trey changing outfits at setbreak threw us for a loop) and comparing it to a recording we can indeed confirm this video is the real deal. It was apparently sourced from the multi-cam lawn feed that was shown on the big screens at the venue that night.

Just one show after the epic Burgettstown performance that included a slew of bust outs and an unforgettable Harpua, Phish visited Camden for a two-night run on July 30th and 31st. The band came out of the gates hot with a rare-at-the-time My Friend, My Friend and their first take on Lonesome Cowboy Bill by Velvet Underground since Halloween ’98. Then, the quartet lit into a 30-minute Scents and Subtle Sounds that stands as an example of why 2003 shouldn’t be brushed off as a bad year in Phish history. So clear your schedule and check this shit out…

Let’s hope more from this show surfaces soon!

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  1. I saw a really good Wolfman’s Brother and a great Waves in ATL in ’03. Although it was a dark year in Phish history, there were still some really great jams.

  2. What a fun show this was. Had VIP seating which allowed pre-show drinks on the Battleship USS New Jersey. Very cool. The first set was off the hook!! Besides the Sents we got the first(and only?) version of Dylan’s ‘You Ain’t Goin Nowere’ and my only ‘Spock’s Brian'(My choice for the next bust out. PLEASE GUYS!!)! Not to mention an above average Chalkdust in the MIDDLE of the set. The second with just 4 songs and an encore isn’t to be missed either! I have been waiting forever to see footage of this show. Thank you so much for posting! Great, great memories!

  3. Quite possibly my favorite Phish jam of all time. I was there but way up on the lawn, so this is such a treat!!! My God…just watch and listen between 11:00 and 12:00. That is some of the dirtiest, nastiest Phish EVAR!!!

  4. The LivePhish 2 track recordings from this era leave a lot to be desired. Skip ahead to the 10 minute mark to save yourself some time and spare having to hear Phish try to vocally harmonize. The great thing about ’03 is that any jam can go anywhere at any time. However, at times it can be incoherent and sloppy.

  5. Attn: All 2.0 haters. You’ve just been served. I remembered that jam being nasty, but it was far better than I remembered. Only Phish can play something like that. Though not sure they can any more. They’re getting closer though. Definitely heading in that direction. Just need to pull the chord and go off the rails and reservation a little more.

  6. Awesome find! I’m not as familiar with 2.0 as much as 1.0 and 3.0, so this was great to see. I might have to give the rest of this show a listen.


  7. I think the 2.0 haters are talking about 04 because that year was truly rough suff but 03 was so swet . I saw a lot of shows in o3 and most were fantastic. Especially the summer shows. The winter shows took some time to gey synched up but no one should hate any year of phish. I mean c’mon they coulda took a break from 2000-2009!

  8. Was there, was sick! Also when they did it on top of the Dave Letterman marquee it was super cool they did it twice!

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