Bonnaroo 2007: Notes From The Roo

Reports from the Dust Bowl that is Bonnaroo came fast and furious this weekend from our team down on site, and we posted as much as we could without actually, you know, being there.  Our Man in Manchester braved the Tennessee heat and fired off a series of quality communiqués for your vicarious pleasure:

Thursday, June 14th – Day 1
Overall, two enthusiastic thumbs up to Day One of Bonnaroo. When two of your minuses are about wi-fi and Greek food, you know the show is on the right track. The festival has a diverse range of offerings this year and the attendees seem to have responded in kind. Tea Leaf Green put on a fantastic show last night, and Team TJers that hit Rodrigo y Gabriella had similar results. 

Friday, June 15th – Day 2
They’re calling Thursday the new Friday around here, which I guess would technically make this…Sunday? The Good Lord may have only made seven days, but Bonnaroo is putting a week’s worth of living into this extended weekend.  The music and fun from opening day gathered even more momentum as the festival headed into the weekend with a diverse schedule of artists. You have to give it to the Bonnaroo people: Their Friday entertainment closes any other festival in the country.

Saturday, June 16th – Day 3
A mix of young bands and old favorites greeted our intrepid field reporter on Day Three.  The oppressive heat and the aggressive rock must be difficult to endure for another two days, but sure enough, everyone we’ve been talking to down there is still at full tilt, all systems go. I’m exhausted just typing this post. Better men.

Sunday, June 17th – Day 4
Just like you knew they would, the people at Bonnaroo went all Vanessa Williams on us and saved the best for the last. I saw more hours of great music yesterday than on any other day of my life (most of them beginning with “W”). By dinner time yesterday I had already seen Mavis Staples, Wolfmother and RatDog, and I still had the White Stripes, Wilco and Widespread Panic ahead of me.

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