Daft Punk @ Coachella 2013? The Problem With Trusting Songkick

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We’re approaching the part of the year when many major music festivals reveal their lineup. Before these reveals, music blogs and message board users do their best to figure out who’s playing where before the official announcements. Sometimes this excitement leads to the spreading of false information such as the many sites that reported Prince would headline Bonnaroo 2012.

[Screengrab via Listen Before You Buy]

Over the past 24 hours word has spread that Daft Punk, Phoenix and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will play Coachella 2013. What was the source of this information? An email from concert database site Songkick which showed those bands and The Rolling Stones aboard for the event. Someone took a screenshot of the email and word of the rumored appearances spread like wildfire. Even Rolling Stone picked it up.

Now all three bands just might appear at Coachella as both the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Phoenix have new albums due this spring and Daft Punk are always thrown around as a possible Coachella band. However you must bear in mind that Songkick users can add events pretty easily.

Here’s details from the site’s FAQ:

Where Do You Get Your Listings From?

We currently index over 100 different sources including all the major ticket vendors, a plethora of smaller vendors, local listings, ArtistData and a whole bunch of others.

We also allow our users to upload events so that we cover everything from the biggest sell out shows at huge arenas, right down to your mates band at the local pub.

[via Songkick]

If you happen to enter an event just before Songkick sends emails to its users, that event will show in those emails. For instance, we’ve received Songkick emails alerting us that Radiohead would play The Middle East in Cambridge and that Deadmau5 was headlining Ultra Music Festival last year, both of which didn’t happen. In most instances Songkick will catch the erroneous/rumored dates and remove them before emails go out, but that’s not always the case.

So, as always, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. A statement from Songkick about DaftPunkEllaGate reads, “Regarding Daft Punk at Coachella: this was added by mistake. There has been no official announcement. Apologies for any confusion/excitement.” The official Coachella lineup is expected next month.

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4 thoughts on “Daft Punk @ Coachella 2013? The Problem With Trusting Songkick

  1. andrew Reply

    No confusion of the sort ever comes from HT/Glide!

  2. a Reply

    Glad to see you pointed this out. I’ve been trying to explain to everyone that songkick isn’t a viable source for this stuff. Songkick last year had daft punk playing EDC and within ten minutes it was taken down and it never happened.

  3. anu Reply

    coachellafest.tk is giving away free passes!

  4. Christian Reply

    I don’t know about this but if they did it would be absurd… I can’t wait to hear their new album, you can pre order it here


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