Faux The Archives Vol. 3 – A Phish Compilation

One of my favorite parts of Phish festivals are the From The Archives shows broadcast over each event’s radio station that feature amazing segments from the band’s archive. These programs, hosted by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro, have been a staple of the group’s festivals since Clifford Ball. Earlier this summer, I decided to put together a compilation of tracks I’d choose if I got to host an episode of From The Archives. I shared these choices with our pal KernelForbin who downloaded the segments from the Phish Spreadsheet and lovingly remastered them for the first installment of a series we’ve dubbed “Faux The Archives.” Today, we present Faux The Archives Volume 3.

[Artwork by Brian Levine]

We’ll debut Faux The Archives – Volume 3 in ThePhish room on Turntable.FM starting at 2PM ET this afternoon. Once we’ve finished running through the tracks, a download link will be posted here. Our third installment starts out with a Ha Ha Ha from Germany that has a deliciously bizarre, albeit short, “heavy metal jam” tagged on to the end. If you’ve never heard the second set Reba from Laguna Seca ’94, you are in for a treat. Next, we’ve got an extremely fun and potent version of David Bowie, complete with a Lion Sleeps Tonight jam, also from 1994. Phish has only jammed Suzy Greenberg a few times in their history and we’ve got one of those times. To break things up, we offer one of the only Phish covers of Sam & Dave’s When Something Is Wrong With My Baby, before turning to Hershey ’96 for its inventive Wilson > Jam. Our compilation’s Harry Hood is all about what happens at the end – a ferocious peak. Finally, we finish the two-hour compilation off with a Mike’s Groove we’ve cut together ourselves. A spacey Mike’s Song from October of ’95 works its way into a Breathe (Pink Floyd) jam, then we turn to a Trey solo show for the only performance of White Tape classic Aftermath and end with a Weekapaug from ’92 filled with Trey’s machine gun antics.

Faux The Archives – Volume 3 

02/26/97 – Ha Ha Ha (03:33)
05/28/94 – Reba (12:16)
04/30/94 – David Bowie (18:56)
11/13/96 – Suzy Greenberg (18:01)
04/30/93 – When Something is Wrong with My Baby (05:34)
08/14/96 – Wilson -> Jam (08:45)
03/31/93 – Harry Hood (14:05)
10/25/95 – Mike’s Song -> Breathe Jam (20:53)
05/07/99 – Aftermath (04:13)
04/19/92 – Weekapaug Groove (09:56)

Total Time: 1h 56m

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  1. Thanks Scott! I love the from the archives that is broadcast at the festivals as well. But what has always been most memorable to me even more, are the late night freak outs that they broadcast. I remember waiting in line in our RV to get in to IT, and it was pitch black except for the dashboard lights, and traffic was barely moving, but I didn’t care because the dj’s were playing the freakiest mix of turntablism and spoken word mixed with electronic beats and melodies. Is there any way to do a story on how they put that together and or get a copy of some of those?

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