40 Years Ago Today – Hall & Oates Releases ‘H2O’ Album Featuring “Maneater,” “One One One”

40 years ago today (10/4/82), Hall & Oates released their eleventh album H2O and one that toppled ears with an early ’80s splash of radio-friendly MTV-era pop gold and blue-eyed soul. Yet this Philadelphia duo had earned their spot on the top of the charts, having released many albums throughout their history up to this point, including two prior big albums (Voices, 1980 and Private Eyes, 1981), but H2O featuring the hits “Maneater,” “One on One” and “Family Man,” really was the right album at the right time for the soulful duo. Check out the chemical formula album in full (H” is for Hall and “O” is for Oates).

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