In Case You Forgot Why Ween Was So Awesome

Less than a year after Gene Ween unceremoniously brought Ween’s career to an end (for now), we still can’t believe the “Purveyors of Brown” are done. Not only was every show a blast, but they brought humor and a dose of weirdness to our musical world that won’t even be replaced. This morning, with the help of Chris B., we came across a clip of Ween’s first visit to Late Night with Conan O’Brien that shows both of those elements and we just had to share it with our readers.

For their visit to Conan on January 18th, 1995 Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman dressed the role of an Arabic singer to lead the band through the Chocolate and Cheese classic I Can’t Put My Finger On It. Not only that, Gener and Deaner brought out a belly dancer to accompany them as well as drummer Claude Coleman, Jr. and bassist Andrew Weiss for the surreal performance. Check this shit out…

Ween – I Can’t Put My Finger On It (Live on Conan)

And here’s the deliciously brown video Ween created for the tune…

Ween – I Can’t Put My Finger On It

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  1. I just watched this yesterday out of the blue and now I see it featured here? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

    Love it – thanks for posting and I, for one, will never forget why Ween was so awesome.

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