Surprise! Weir Guests With God Street Wine + Phil & Friends For West Coast Ramble @ Terrapin Crossroads

The first West Coast Ramble of 2013 took place last night at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, Calif. where the venue’s owner Phil Lesh was joined by God Street Wine and surprise guest Bob Weir. GSW kicked off the show with a set of their own featuring the five original members of the band and multi-instrumentalist Jason Crosby. For the second set, Lesh teamed up with members of God Street Wine as well as Furthur members John Kadlecik and Jeff Chimenti. Weir unexpectedly came out for the final set of the evening and stuck around for the whole closing stanza.

[Photo by Michael Weiss]

Phil dedicated the show to Poughkeepsie native and Phil and Friends’ tour manager Kathy Sunderland, who passed away recently. Lesh and God Street filled the final two sets of the evening with staple Dead tunes, Beatles gems and a few other classic rock covers.

Here’s a look at the setlist…

God Street Wine: Waiting For The Tide > Driving West, Chop*, Borderline*, Call It Love, Crazy Head > Goodnight Gretchen

* – w/ Jeff Chimenti

Phil & Winos Set One: Here Comes the Sun, Dear Mr Fantasy, Into The Mystic, Let It Be, So Many Roads, Here Comes Sunshine, Ripple

Phil, Bobby & Winos Set Two: Help On the Way > Slipknot!, Golden Road, Bird Song > Days Between > Golden Slumbers > Not Fade Away, Eyes of the World > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Sugar Magnolia

Encore: Box of Rain > The End > Imagine

[via Mike Weiss and]

The God Street Lesh Rambles continue tonight at Terrapin Crossroads.

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4 Responses

  1. Great show, continuing one of the most amazing post-Dead months in memory (including the Phil Lesh Quintet run and Furthur run @ Sweetwater). You should note last night and the next three available live streaming webcasts from Terrapin Crossroads website at a very reasonable price. And what a beautiful statement by Phil about Kathy Sunderland!

  2. Great to see GSW playing again. Solid set from them. Thought the quality of the stream was real good.Looking forward to the next two nights.
    The Phil Lesh octet was simply amazing. The sound guy surely had his hands full. The mix was really awesome. 1st set was nice. JK is really shining on dear mr fantasy. Loved aarons vocals on into the mystic. Lo dida nice job on let it be. Here comes Sunshine was fabulous.
    2nd set was really wild with Bobby in the band. Hoping for additional guests over the next two shows. If not i”ll be more than satisfied @ $7 per show. I thinkthese shows will turn on a lot of folks to God Street Wine.

  3. RIP kathy sunderland. one of the warmest, loveliest, most joyful person i ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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