Audio: Wilco & Bob Weir – Dark Star > California Stars > Dark Star

Of all the shocking sit-ins that Bob Weir participated in with Wilco and My Morning Jacket at the first four stops of the AmericanaramA tour, the one that most got our attention was when the jort-wearing Grateful Dead/Furthur guitarist teamed with Wilco for Dark Star > California Stars > Dark Star in Atlanta this past Saturday night.


[via @Wilco]

We’ve been looking for audio ever since and thanks to taper mccordo we can finally hear this masterful 14-minute segment. Wilco guitarist Nels Cline steals the show while playing Duane Allman’s famed 1957 goldtop Les Paul throughout. Jeff Tweedy shouts “I didn’t see that one coming!” after finishing the Dark California Star and we couldn’t agree more. Take a listen…

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4 thoughts on “Audio: Wilco & Bob Weir – Dark Star > California Stars > Dark Star

  1. @bryontreece Reply

    Pretty damn impressive how good the guys from Wilco sound doing this song, especially considering it is, as far as I know, the 1st time they ever played it live together. Love it!

  2. Sonical Reply

    Wow…. Just awesome. I think Wilco one of the best bands playing and this goes to prove it yet again. Besides Phish, these guys are as good as it gets… for me personally. Thanks for posting. Makes my day.

  3. Jeremiah Reply

    One of the most amazing concert experiences I’ve ever had. As soon as the first notes of Dark Star hit, I knew we were in for a treat. Still, I was not expecting that.

  4. Mookiedude Reply

    Wilco is leaving a lot of people smiling this summer.

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