The Flaming Lips Will Unsheathe ‘Peace Sword’ EP in November

Ender's Game

The Flaming Lips are set to unsheathe the Peace Sword EP on November 29th (via Warner Brothers). The project began with the band writing a track for the soundtrack of the upcoming sci-fi film Ender’s Game, as Stereogum notes, but Wayne Coyne and company were so inspired by the song that they ended up writing a whole song cycle around it.

This is great news. With The Flaming Lips, it’s hard to know what’s a proper album and what’s a goofy gimmick. They’ve released gummy fetuses and six-hour-long songs — and while all of that is certainly worth exploring for die-hards, it’s not as exciting as a proper batch of songs (like The Terror, which was released earlier this year).

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  1. In addition to the six new songs on “Peace Sword” EP, the Lips are also releasing another EP this month – a split with Tame Impala. New songs on “Peace Sword” include “If They Move, Shoot Em,” “Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy,” “Wolf Children” and “Assassin Beetle/The Dream Is Ending.” Other artists have collaborated with the Lips for this project (so far New Fumes – aka former Polyphonic Spree guitarist Daniel Huffman) has confirmed he’s on it). Coyne has described the music as “more live playing, but not meant to sound live…?? it’s weird…”

    See more of the artwork and read a full preview of this (and all other confirmed forthcoming Flaming Lips releases – and there are quite a few) at (this is the original piece Stereogum copied their post from).

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