Peter Gabriel Debuts New Song On-Stage in Denmark

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel’s Danish fans were treated to an unexpected surprise last week: Gabriel unveiled a new song titled “Why Don’t You Show Yourself” during his performance last Saturday at the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, Denmark.

Gabriel’s current “Back to Front” tour features his classic mid-80s band (including bassist Tony Levin and drummer Manu Katche) playing the entire So album in its entirety. But the show also features two miniature sets — one acoustic and one electric — prior to the So run-through. Gabriel and company played “Show Yourself” as the final song in the electric set.

At this point, Gabriel hasn’t publicly commented on the track, and no further information about its origin has been revealed. Vintage Vinyl News verified the Herning setlist, which was also posted to We’ll certainly keep you posted on further details about the track — if and when it shows up.

Gabriel is infamous at taking his sweet, sweet time when recording new music, so this news isn’t exactly an indication that an original LP is on the way. But we Gabriel nuts will take anything we can get. (It’s also worth mentioning that Gabriel has been playing another new song, the gorgeous piano ballad “OBUT,” during this current tour.)

And I’ll Scratch Yours — the sequel to Gabriel’s song-swap album Scratch My Back — was released on September 23rd.

Until we have actual footage of “Show Yourself,” check out a live clip of “OBUT,” below:

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  1. yes, hard to keep waiting! Wish I had made it to the concert in Herning but I was spending the weekend in Germany already. Too bad I missed that song, keep us posted if any recording are coming up! :o)

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