Where’s Cactus? Being Heard, Blending In

Mike Gordon has yet to be found. Ever since his buddy Trey informed us of Gordo’s supposed one-year hiatus from playing during his interview at the Y, Cactus has been noticeably incommunicado. Yet we haven’t heard anything from Cactus himself, so HT opened the case to find our favorite afro-mulletted bassist.

Gordo wants people to know where he stands on the major issue of the day:

photo illustrations by Neeko

Mike is used to being on stage, but sometimes he likes to fade into his usual crowd of frat boys and hippies. Can you spot Gordo and his doppleganger?

If you’ve seen Mike somewhere, please let us know. “Where’s Cactus?” won’t rest until Gordo returns to the stage for a serious rock gig.

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5 thoughts on “Where’s Cactus? Being Heard, Blending In

  1. carini Reply

    ha! thats awesome – hope he doesn’t turn up in that infamous Umphrey’s youngster pic 😉

  2. dave Reply

    …I saw him drinking a Pina Colada and Trader Vics….his hair was perfect!

  3. Ace Cowboy Reply

    Mike’s talkin’ about compassion on the hotline today. 212 330 9092. Check in.

  4. ginz Reply

    can find em………….but i think i see a Bee 😛

  5. phoxman Reply

    i see him, his clone, coach and B!

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