The B List: 10 Best Beatles Album Covers

9. Yellow Submarine (1969):

8. Hey Jude (1970):

7. Let It Be (1970):

6. Rubber Soul (1965):

5. Abbey Road (1969):

4. Magical Mystery Tour (1967):

3. Yesterday and Today (1966):

2. Revolver (1966):

1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (1967):

So whay say you, folks? What’s your favorite?

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16 Responses

  1. The best Beatles album cover is “With the Beatles”. I am surprised it did not even make it into your top ten. As far as “Yesterday and Today” making the list, I have to disagree… It’s the worst. Pure photographer’s license to do anything crap to sell a picture.

  2. Only Lennon attended art school, altho all four were at least interested in what went on their covers, especially McCartney.

  3. Scruphy’s right – only Lennon attended art school.

    “Hey Jude”?? I highly doubt any of them had anything to do with choosing that picture as a cover. Maybe Paul helped chose it, but I bet that’s it. The band was broken up when that album came out.

    And surely the white album is the most original. No one else came out with an essentially blank cover with a huge poser and post cards inside. That was simply unheard of. Sgt Pepper is definitely second, but just because of the lyrics and pullouts.

  4. Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper are the two most iconic. 1960s Pop artists Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton were commissioned for Pepper and the ‘White Album’, I’ve heard. The Apple Records logo comes straight from a Rene Magritte painting [McCartney had been collecting his work]. Revolver was created by old Hamburg, Germany pal Klaus Voorman [artist friend of the late Stu Sutcliffe, the most artistic of The Beatles]. McCartney had most of the creative input on the album covers and such. Had Sutcliffe lived there would certainly have been an iconic Beatles album or two designed by him… no doubt.

  5. Abbey Road is the most original picture.Along side the White Album.Paul was the most interested in what went on the covers.
    I also thought With the Beatles was original.John was the only one who went to art school.

  6. Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s are the most copied and most recognizable. My personal favorite would be Abbey Road, the cover and the record. There’s just so much more to that cover than four guys crossing a street. How many of us sat there and studied that cover for hours looking for Paul’s death clues? The Beatles were, are, and always be ahead of their time. Pure genius.

  7. C’mon People “REVOLVER!!!!!” all the way it is my fav album and the most trippy cover…agree?

  8. The best: With The Beatles (also used on Meet the Beatles), Revolver, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road. Beatles For Sale, too. Sgt. Pepper is iconic but, like the album itself, heavily overrated. The butcher cover from “Yesterday and Today,” absolutely,. The one they ended up using was the worst of their career.

  9. Sgt Pepper in first I agree, Revolver second I agree too but I think Abbey Road should take 3rd place and Magical Mystery Tour 4th

  10. Although it’s not the best-looking cover, per se, I’ve always been partial to Revolver. The reason for this is because when the Fab Four were first playing together in Hamburg in 1962, the artist, Klaus Voorman, was living with them and constantly sketching John, Paul, George, and Ringo doing — whatever thay happened to be doing at the moment: smoking a cigarette, walking home, drunk, in the rain, practicing on their instruments, playing around, carousing, whatever they happened to be doing at the moment he turned his sketchbook over to a new, blank page.

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