Picture Show: Pearl Jam at The Vic

The crowd appears ready to be pwned

One neck just isn’t enough for Mike McCready

Vedder proves he is a man of the people

McCready channels Jimi Hendrix

Pearl Jam mid-song is a whirl of motion

McCready aims to prove that guitar solos are generally 2x better without a shirt

Ben Harper joined the band to sing Indifference

The band gets a well deserved standing O

Pearl Jam
August 2, 2007
Vic Theater
Chicago, IL

Set: All Or None, Education, Sad, In Hiding, Parachutes, I’m Open,
Wishlist, Down, Undone, Off He Goes, Hard To Imagine, Gods’ Dice,
World Wide Suicide, Rats, Gone, Why Go

Encore 1: No More, Inside Job, Low Light, Love Reign O’er Me
Encore 2: Comatose, Black Diamond, Sonic Reducer
Encore 3: Indifference

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  1. Nice stuff. People still like Pearl Jam…hmmm. A few questions 1) no Jeremy, Alive, or Evenflow? 2) Is that Kiss’ ‘Black Diamond’? 3) Is that Moby Grape’s ‘Indifference’?

    I’ll assume that’s the Dead Boys’ ‘Sonic Reducer’…duh.

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