FMT: Music For Walking at Various Speeds

Given it’s Friday, we kick things off with a couple of tunes that fit just ambling along with no particular place to be, except maybe happy hour for some suds. First up, we have Freeze from Brooklynites and some former Wolverine alumni, Licorice, off their debut EP and an oldie from the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band’s Big Damn Nation album with Left Hand George.

Next, we’ve got Frightened Rabbit tearing it up at Urban Outfitters on Square 9. Keeping with the Scottish vibe, the next track comes from Frightened Rabbit buddies, the Twilight Sad. Fans of Frightened Rabbit’s recent live release will recognize multi-instrumentalist and vocalist James Graham. If not, you’ll recognize his thick-as-pudding accent. Lastly, we hit the Pet Sounds-ish zone out masterpiece from Panda Bear’s Person Pitch, Comfy In Nautica.

The following batch is for walking with a little spunk in your step and a bob in your head. The first tune in this section comes from Byrne and Eno’s latest offering and is arguably the best of the album, Strange Overtones. Next, we have I’m Waiting for My Man from an excellent Lou Reed performance in 1974 where Lou and friends break out the funk. Lastly, this section wraps up with Lyrics Born and the high energy remix of Do That There off Same !@#$ Different Day.

Last but not least, we have a couple tunes for walking fast and mean, with or without a skateboard. First up is an old favorite off Big Choice, aptly named Big Choice. And Finally, we have another pop-punk mammoth in Holiday from the Get Up Kids. Enjoy and have a great weekend everybody.

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