God Street Wine Reunites For Paul


A lot has changed since Lo Faber, Aaron Maxwell, Dan Pifer, Jon Bevo and Tomo last shared a stage. The band members have collectively built families with a dozen children and moved on with their lives in different locations and directions. Their chemistry however, appears as strong and playful as it ever was. From Tomo’s contagious smile to Lo & Aaron’s frequent guitar solo duels, it felt as if it was the mid ’90s again with our favorite unknown band.

Paul Ducharme would have loved this day, as his favorite band was back together again on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. A representative from the Westside Presbyterian Church was among the speakers and awesomely read the same bible passage about dancing that Kevin Bacon’s character quoted in Footloose. This would have been a time for Paul to dance and should God Street Wine now feel inspired to play a few more shows here and there, it will be time for many more people to dance.

Waiting For The Tide (end jam)

Here’s the setlist both for the memorial set and for the private party the band played that evening…

Day Show – Paul Ducharme Memorial in Ridgewood

Stranger, Weird Dream, Waiting 4 the Tide, Drive west, 6:15, Imogene, Blackbird, Dear prudence, Borderline -> Swing low

Night Show – Paul Ducharme Memorial Private Party

Set I: Good Dream, Gretch -> Love supreme-> Pussycat, Fortress of solitude, Other shore-> Love supreme-> He’s Gone (dead cover), Home Again, Hellfire-> A love supreme

Set II: Lighthouse, Crazy head, Henrietta, Hey Joe, Electrocute, Epiphany, Diana, A Paul supreme (a love ducharme), Death don’t have no mercy, Epilog, Get on the train, Molly, In2the sea

Our pal Michael Weiss took tons of photos and videos of the event and we’ll feature that content on the next God Street Wednesday.

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