The Misadventures of Roster McCabe

HT: This past weekend you guys put on your own two-day green festival in Denver called Green Guerilla at Owsley‘s. What were the highlights of the weekend?

RM: The event was great. The big highlight was playing with Steve Molitz (Particle, Phil Lesh) both nights. He sat in with us and we did some pretty crazy jams. The audio from those sets should be available within a few weeks. Steve certainly brought a whole new vibe to the band, he is a world class player and he really showed us a thing or two about jamming!

The other highlight was meeting and hanging out with a bunch of Colorado bands we had never met before. We are more familiar with the Colorado scene now, which is nice.

HT: How was the turnout?

RM: The turn out was good. I am not sure on exact numbers, probably 300 to 400 over the course of 2 days. It was only our fourth time playing in Denver!

HT: You guys have been touring like maniacs as of late. What’s a good funny story from this current tour?

RM: Hands down, this is the best story: We were in St. Louis staying with our friends in a band called Madahoochi. They were shooting a music video and we were all helping them as actors and stuntmen. Drew’s job was to “pretend” to get hit by a car. There was a little accident and the “pretend” turned into “actually”.

HT: How do you like touring Colorado in the fall? Must be a lot of fun with the leaves changing and the towns a little less crazy since its sort of the tourist off-season.

RM: We like Colorado anytime of the year. We have only played Denver so far on this tour, but we are leaving for a small run this afternoon. Fort Collins, Boulder, Breckenridge, Avon, and Crested Butte round out the rest of this week. I’ll let you know about the fall colors next week.

HT: Any plans to tackle the Northeast in the not too distant future?

RM: We have 15-16 states that we have been regularly touring and there is a lot of growing we have to do within those states. There are no plans for any Northeast or coastal tours until we are a bit more established, though we’re quite anxious to get out there.

HT: On the flip side, you come from Minneapolis. Outside of the Midwest, I don’t think people realize it so much, but the Twin Cities have a tremendous music scene, particularly for newer bands. What would you say makes the music scene there so unique in this regard?


RM: It’s easy for bands to get gigs in Minneapolis. There are many venues that will give new bands a shot. You have to work hard and take advantage of the gigs when you get them though, otherwise you’ll just be spinning your wheels. In addition, there are so many great bands and musicians playing music in as many genres that on any night of the week concertgoers can catch top notch acts in hip hop, reggae, electronic, blues and rock.

HT: What are your plans in terms of the next Roster McCabe album? Are you working on new material?

RM: We have plans to record the next studio record during the winter months, followed by a large spring tour. We are working on lots of new stuff and road-testing songs that might get recorded. The next album will be very different from our last record, The Rhythm/The Elements, in that we’ve started incorporating new genres like dance, techno, and heavier rock.

HT: Where in the world did you come up with the name Roster McCabe?

RM: That story is not very good. Drew came up with it. [laughs]

HT: Lastly, I just finished listening to the live album from the Cabooze. I was wondering, were you guys going to play the Traveler anyway or did you take the request from the really hammered girl?

RM: [Laughs] We were going to play the Traveler anyways. But that drunk girl was pretty funny! Her voice got recorded so well…

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