Review: RAA @ Bowery Ballroom

Each song in their repertoire could play host to a solitary drive or an inebriated living room gathering. Edenloff’s nostalgic yet painful acoustic songs of living in rural Alberta are driven forward by Banwatt’s fast, almost dubstep, drumming. The juxtaposition of the two leaves you somewhere between dancing and nodding your head at the poignant lyrics. Joined by Cole’s smooth vocals and synth work, the trio welds into a single solid sonic state. Above all though, Edenloff’s nasal voice rings throughout the room on softer tunes like The Ballad of the RAA and In the Summertime, and grabs hold of the audience on the louder, percussion driven Drain the Blood and The Deadroads.


The set wrapped up quickly, after only forty-five minutes, but the RAA made sure to go out on a high note. Edenloff returned to the stage on his own to a play an impressive acoustic version of Eye of the Tiger, making sure to omit any fist-pumping Sylvester Stallone references. He was then joined by his band mates for two final songs, including the rocking tribute to a lost love in a Canadian town, Dethbridge in Lethbridge.

The RAA wraps up their tour this weekend with shows at Burlington’s Higher Ground; Northampton, MA’s Iron Horse; and Buffalo’s Soundlab.

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