Film Bits: Watch the New Short Prequel to ‘Blade Runner 2049’

New ‘Blade Runner’ Short Aims to Fill Gaps Before ‘2049’

Thirty years pass between the original Blade Runner and the upcoming sequel, Blade Runner: 2049. In order to fill in some of the gaps between the two films, director Denis Villeneuve has commissioned a trilogy of short films that explore some of what happened in the world prior to the start of his continuation of the Ridley Scott classic. The first of those films, 2036: Nexus Dawn, has been released, and it’s a stunner. Luke Scott, son of Ridley, directed this six minute film, which gives us an introduction to Jared Leto as Niander Wallace and the new breed of replicants. Leto channels new levels of creepy in the short, which is a nice companion to Blade Runner even without the new movie. Blade Runner: 2049 opens everywhere on October 6.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Creeps in New ‘mother!’ Trailer

While we’re still mostly in the dark about Darren Aronofsky’s mother!, a new clip gives us a small taste of the kind of psychological discomfort we’re in store for when the film opens on September 15. The new clip finds Michelle Pfeiffer facing off with Jennifer Lawrence in eerie fashion, as the former muses on the merits of having children. Out of context, it’s hard to tell just what, exactly, is going on here, but that trademarked Aronofsky angst is laden throughout. Can’t wait to see just what mother! has in store for us.


Pardon Me While I Lose My Shit Over ‘Blade of the Immortal’

This is, without a doubt, 100% precisely and absolutely what the fuck I am talking about. Takashi Miike’s 100th film, Blade of the Immortal, looks like an exercise in full on batshit insanity and, lemme tell you, I am here for it. The first bloody trailer is filled with the kind of hyperkinetic imagery and fast paced action that Miike has made his name on over the years, only ramped up to about 14 on a 0-10 scale. The film focuses on a warrior who is unable to die, whose limbs reattach themselves should they become dismembered, and his quest to avenge the death of a young girl’s father. The film will play later next month at Fantastic Fest and hits theaters on November 3.


‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’ Trailers Teases Delightful Prison Throwback

Speaking of Fantastic Fest, another film set to premiere at the Austin genre film festival got its first trailer, and it looks intense. Brawl in Cell Block 99 stars Vince Vaughn as a former boxer who’s sent to prison for running drugs. Once there, things get violent and he must choose sides to keep himself safe. The film was written and directed by the madman/genius behind Bone Tomahawk, S. Craig Zahler, and looks as though it continues his streak of perfectly encapsulating genre mystiques while elevating them to the level of art. This is one to keep on your radar, for sure.

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