LISTEN: Lutalo Rings In Street Cred With Bonafide Fuzz Indie Rocker “Warned Her”

Lutalo is a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lutalo established themselves as a songwriter and producer at an early stage and set out to create visually evoking music. Lutalo builds from the ground up to create something new yet familiar.

Check out the trippy and enchanting new single “Warned Her” from Minneapolis based lo-fi rocker Lutalo. Built on a warm body of synthesizer color and fuzzy bass, Lutalo delivers its college rock meets thoughtful urban vibes with a  wholehearted knack for edgy melodics. “Warned Her” – a track that we discovered via Lutalo’s cousin, Adrianne Lenker – is a spacey indie-rock gem, one that gels next to the works of Spiritualized and Blur.

Lutalo describes the influence behind the song…

My interpretation of this song is about an ingenuine romantic relationship. Where the one in question is not fully invested in the other, and covers that up by shifting the blame from themself. Knowing very well that they’ve just been using the other person’s hope for something more for short term satisfaction. I was initially inspired by watching two friends of mine struggle in their relationship and eventually ending it. One feeling fully committed to being in a long term relationship and the other keeping it alive for short term highs and comfort. I related to the position of staying with someone because of those highs, and being aware that it was manipulative in its nature to not be honest with the person. It’s easier to just make a half hearted gesture and “warn” them that they might have complications in the future with you. I guess my goal is to show people in that position that at the end of the day it’s still your fault if you let things go on even if you try to convince yourself otherwise.

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