LISTEN: DeMeir Drops Soulful & Magnetic Grooves Via ‘Risk”

DeMeir is a product of an environment that most could not imagine. His extraordinary life has been compiled with moments of love, loss, and trauma. Hailing from Paterson, New Jersey, one of the most violent cities in America, Demeir has been able to translate his experiences to soul-warming tales and melodies that will keep you yearning for more.

Check out the smooth new single “Risk” (below) from the soulful DeMeir. A love song with a classic sentiment, DeMeir navigates a simple backbeat with poise and charisma, bouncing across the track with precision and on-point vocal inflection. Living in a wide sea of emotion, we find DeMeir vulnerable as he invites us into his world with tangible magnetism and limitless style like D’Angelo and John Legend.

“Simply put this song is about the roller coaster of falling in love, such a tale,” says DeMeir.

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