Low Cut Connie/ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Partner For ‘Tough Cookies’ Ep. Feat. Sly & The Family Stone Members

This Saturday, February 20 at 6pm EST, Low Cut Connie will air a special episode of their acclaimed livestream concert series “Tough Cookies” in partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which will feature interviews with original members from Sly and the Family Stone, including Jerry Martini, Larry Graham, Freddie Stone, Greg Errico, as well as Phunne Stone, the daughter of Sly Stone and Cynthia Robinson.

“I’m so happy to be able to help tell the story of one of the greatest bands of all time,” states Adam Weiner. “Sly & the Family Stone expanded our minds and moved our asses like no other before, and I’m just so impressed that the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame trusted me and ‘Tough Cookies’ with this project.”

The show, which will mark episode #79 of “Tough Cookies,” will be available to stream via Low Cut Connie and the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s social media accounts.

Low Cut Connie: Facebook / YouTube / Twitter

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Facebook / YouTube / Twitter

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